Review – A Talent for Temptation by Sabrina Jeffries

Filled with New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s signature charm and wit, this novella in the hugely popular Sinful Suitors series is sure to tempt you!

Widow Meriel Vyse is stunned speechless when someone tries to abduct her on her way to a ball. Fortunately, Quinn Raines, her secret beau, shows up to foil the attack. Unfortunately, as the two of them are struggling with her abductor, Meriel accidentally stabs Quinn with a knife.

Unbeknownst to Meriel, Quinn set up the fake abduction so he could play the hero and win her hand in marriage. But now that his plan has gone disastrously awry, can he convince her that he’s still the man for her?

Sabrina Jeffries brings her famous “quick pacing, witty dialogue, and charmingly original characters” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) to this enchanting romance.

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My Review:           

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Meriel Vyse owes much to her brother-in-law, Gregory.  Before Meriel married Gregory’s now deceased brother, John, she worked in service, and Gregory rescued her from an unfortunate situation.  He then offered her the opportunity to work for him as a secretary and part time spy.  Eventually she paired up with John on assignments, and they entered into a marriage of convenience.  Even after John’s death, she continues to work for Gregory, but now she wants to be free of spying and just live a normal, uneventful life. It seems there is a gentleman who has captured Meriel’s affections and has turned her thoughts to romance.

Quinn Raines is a member of a prominent banking family.  He is quite smitten with Meriel, but she seems to treat him just as a friend.  Quinn wants more – he wants to marry her.  In desperation, Quinn concocts a fake kidnapping, in which he will rescue Meriel, hopefully causing her to see him in the light of a hero.  What could possibly go wrong?

Quinn and Meriel are both in love, but feeling unworthy and insecure.  Meriel feels her prior life as a servant makes her ineligible, while Quinn wonders if his Spanish heritage is a detriment.  When the kidnapping attempt goes awry, it’s chaos for this couple, who must work through the obstacles that keep them from finding happiness together.  A TALENT FOR TEMPTATION may well be the shortest novella I’ve ever read, but it’s long on smileworthy moments, sweet romance, and Sabrina Jeffries’ trademark steam.


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