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My Review Policy:

I’m a member of Edelweiss and Netgalley, and choose many of the books I review from those sites.  I also receive books directly from authors or publishers.

My preference is historical romance, though I do read some contemporary romance and romantic suspense.  I generally do not like to read YA, NA, and historicals which take place before the Georgian era.

I use the same 1-5 rating scale commonly used by other reviewers and review sites.  If I can’t rate a book at least a 3, I won’t publish a review on my blog.

I do accept new review requests, if time and scheduling allow, and they can be sent via email to or the contact form, below.  I will do my best to publish my review close to the book’s publication date if at all possible, though sometimes life happens, and that doesn’t work out.   Occasionally several books will publish on or around the same date, causing a backlog.

I’m willing to host tours and book spotlights.

Thank you for visiting Roses Are Blue!

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