LADY WILD by MAIRE CLAREMONT gets 5 Stars *****

There is enough emotion in this short novella to fuel three full length novels.  Andrew Colton, Viscount Stark, has never known love.  He goes through life, seeking pleasure, but never finds true contentment.  He encounters Ophelia Darlington, and has the opportunity to rescue her when she slips and falls.  He escorts her home, which turns out to be a small cottage.  Although Ophelia is the daughter of an earl, she is living in poverty since her father died, and the new earl (her half-brother) disowned her and her mother.  If that weren’t bad enough, her mother is dying.

Andrew is already intrigued by Ophelia, and he is totally charmed by her mother.  Mama, in turn, is quite taken with Andrew, and feels he is perfect for Ophelia.  In a short amount of time, he is whisking them both off to his home in London, despite Ophelia’s objections.  This is how Mama wants to spend her last days.

The bond that develops quickly between Andrew and Mama is beautiful and heartwarming.  He finds the parental love he never had, as well as romantic love with Ophelia.  While she loves him as well, she is hesitant to trust her future to anyone.  Eventually she has to learn to trust in order to find the love and security she longs for.

Lady Wild packs a powerful punch.  To me, a well written book has to tug on your emotions, and this one does, from many directions.  Maire Claremont has written a poignant, beautiful story, and I highly recommend it.

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