The Laird by Grace Burrowes


Grace Burrowes’ finale to the Captive Hearts Trilogy is another masterpiece. Michael Brodie, the mysterious man who was constantly at Sebastian St Clair’s (the Traitor) side, can now finally go home after ten long years. He’s anxious to begin his life with Brenna, the bride he left after only one day of marriage. While he’s not expecting to be welcomed with wide open arms, he finds Brenna very changed and skittish.

Michael has his work cut out for him. He has to woo his bride, and put his estate to rights. He finds that his uncle Angus, who has been managing the tenants, has been banished to the dower house. There is no love lost between Brenna and Angus, and the townspeople seem to hold Brenna in contempt. What has been going on in his absence? Brenna seems unwilling to talk about it, and Angus only makes veiled references to the mistakes Brenna has made.

Michael’s faith in Brenna never wavers, and he determines to win her love, and to find out what has been happening. Grace Burrowes tackles a very serious subject, as we come to learn that a younger Brenna was a victim of sexual abuse. The treachery of the abuser is chilling, and he’s truly villainous in this, and his other actions. It’s his intention to do all that he can to undermine their marriage, while Brenna and Michael are trying to build it up.

I truly loved Michael as a hero. His patience, strength and protectiveness was amazing. His wooing of Brenna was lovely to see. As for Brenna, she was able to get past all that she had to endure in the past, and begin healing.

This is a fantastic love story that tackles a very serious subject. It’s an engrossing read, and I found myself staying up late into the night to finish it. I give it my highest recommendation, along with The Captive and The Traitor. A solid *****5 stars to all three books in this amazing series.

Reviewed by Blue




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