Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare – Review


Inheriting a castle gives a girl options.  Say, for example, you’ve been engaged for eight long years, and you’ve become a laughingstock.  Clio Whitmore has been dubbed “Clio Wait-More” as her fiance, Piers Brandon, travels the world as a British diplomat, while she waits at home.  But no more – she’s now determined to break the engagement and take some chances.  First, to make things official, she tracks down Rafe, Piers’ brother, who has the legal authority to sign in Piers’ stead.  She wants him to sign the documents that will end her engagement.

Rafe, however, has no intention of signing.  He’s determined that Clio stay engaged, and then marry his brother,  who is coming home soon.  Rafe is on the outs from society.  Years ago, his father scorned him, and he left and became a champion prizefighter.  He’s only reluctantly handling his brother’s affairs since their father died and his brother is now the marquess, and he’s the heir.  During the eight years of Clio’s engagement, she never forgot Rafe.  She would always send him invitations and correspondence.  This meant a lot to Rafe, though he’s reluctant to admit it.  He also finds Clio very attractive, and is determined to fight that.

Rafe travels to Clio’s new home, the castle, with intentions of convincing her to stay engaged.  While there, as they spend a lot of time together, it’s clear they are meant for each other.  Rafe fights his feelings as hard as he can, determined to be honorable.  Clio is equally determined that she will not marry Piers, and that Rafe needs her love.  Rafe’s reaction when Clio finally confesses her love is truly heartwarming.  For the first time in his life, he is loved and wanted, and belongs.

Say Yes to the Marquess is light, charming, and delightful, while still being romantic and touching.  Tessa Dare has written another winner in the Castles Ever After series, and I recommend it, along with Book One, Romancing the Duke.

Reviewed by Rose

**** 4 STARS


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