Timeless Heart by Karyn Gerrard – Excerpt and Review

Timeless Heart Banner


by Karyn Gerrard

KG Publishing

Time Travel/Fantasy/Contemporary

30,432 Words

Release Date: June 9th 2015


Suffering from burnout, elementary school teacher Sandra Cranston is on leave and trying to eliminate stress from her life. That plan is blown when she discovers an abandoned carriage deep in the woods. Inside is a man, Jerrod Ross, who fuels all of her wicked Regency dreams and fantasies. Take him home? Sure, why not?

Jerrod Ross has been ripped from the only world he has ever known—1821 Cornwall, England. A mine owner with many responsibilities, all he wants to do is return to his time. But his growing attraction for the lovely lady who found him makes staying in the future a temptation he finds hard to resist.

Torn between duty and desire, past and future, the hardest thing Sandra and Jerrod will do is admit their feelings. Or say—goodbye.

Previously published. Re-edited, revised, and more than 7500 words added.

Heat Level: Very sensual

AVAILABLE ONLY AT AMAZON for 90 Days, then will be released to other vendors.           FREE READ at KU (Kindle Unlimited)

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Excerpt: Sandra winked then picked up the shave cream and dispensed some into her hands, mixed it between her palms, and spread a thin film over his face. In response, he spread his legs wide, allowing her to step in closer. Good God, he was hard as stone. All this talk of shaving, the touching, her nearness. Jerrod gazed up at her, his heart thumping madly in his chest.

Though she appeared somewhat nervous, he definitely could see desire swimming in her lovely eyes. How satisfying. Picking up the Fusion, Sandra flicked the button and a low hum filled the silence surrounding them. When her breasts slightly brushed by his cheek, he couldn’t stop the low growl from rumbling deep in his chest. Using one finger, he swiped away the bit of shave cream from her sweater, right on the nipple. Barely there contact, but enough to have the simmering flame between them roar to life.

He slid across the seat so his thighs touched her leg, reached behind her back, and eased her down until she sat on his leg. “Shave me,” he whispered hoarsely. Sandra held the razor to the base of his throat and began a slow ascent to his chin. She twisted, turning toward the sink, and ran the razor under warm water before turning back to him. Giving him a soft, sultry smile, she scraped him again.

Her free hand followed the ascent of the blade, gently caressing his shaved cheek. God, he was tempted to kiss her right then, instead he leaned back and let her tender strokes lull him into relaxation. Closing his eyes, he came to the realization he could become used to this very easily. Some minutes passed and Sandra continued with her task. In his time, he usually shaved himself since he was not keen to have a valet fussing around him. However, having her sitting in his lap perilously close to his throbbing erection, with her warm, sultry breath surrounding him, appealed to him greatly.

“Kiss me,” he commanded, keeping his voice low and quiet. Setting the razor on the counter, she patted his face dry with a cloth, then leaned in and laid her lips against his. A jolt of heat rolled through him. Tilting his head, Jerrod delved deeper, cupping her cheeks to hold her still while he tasted her. Sweet and hot, like a dish of honey warmed over the flame. He swiped his tongue along her plump lower lip and she opened in invitation. The kiss grew fierce, both of them hungrily exploring. Sandra met the thrusts of his tongue with insistent plunges of her own. Passionate. Intoxicating. Yes. This was a kiss worth traveling through time for.


My Thoughts:

Jerrod Ross is traveling by coach in the year of 1821, when the coach is suddenly struck by lightning and sent on a whirlwind of a journey.  He will be in for quite a shock when he comes to, because he has been sent forward through time, to the year 2015.  Sandra Cranston spies the out-of-place coach, and is surprised to see an injured man inside, in period costume, no less.  She helps the disoriented Jerrod to her car, and decides to take him home instead of to a hospital, as it appears he has no identification.

Jerrod is very confused when he awakens and begins to notice his strange surroundings  For her part, Sandra believes he is an actor who was playing a part in a re-enactment.  Jerrod is quick to realize what has happened to him, but Sandra is skeptical.  Finally his sincerity makes her believe that he truly believes the tale he’s telling, but she can’t accept it.

Sandra is quite intrigued by the handsome Jerrod, and invites him to temporarily stay with her.  It isn’t long before she comes to believe his story, and she begins to show him her world.  Jerrod is fascinated, both with this strange new world, and with Sandra.  Soon the two give in to the attraction that has been simmering almost from the moment they met.  Although their affair is scorching, Jerrod feels he must make the attempt to go back to his own time.  When a lightning storm occurs, he goes back to the coach, hoping that a strike will take him back.

Is there any hope for a happy ever after?  You’ll have to read this novella to find out.  I was very pleasantly surprised by Timeless Heart.  Karyn Gerrard wrote an interesting, entertaining, and very sexy short story that was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.  Well done!

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