Heartthrob Series – Scottish Weddings by Sophia Knightly -Spotlight and Giveaway

Heartthrob Series
Scottish Weddings
Box Set
by Sophia Knightly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/1hMzIyA

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Sophia Knightly, brings you two sensual and heartwarming contemporary romances in her Heartthrob Series Scottish Weddings Box Set.


She’s the last person he expects–or wants– to see again. But this time, can he resist?

Alec MacLeod is shocked to find Kate Hayes at his sister’s wedding, but damn he’s missed her. His ex-wife’s unforeseen arrival in Scotland makes him suspect she’s up to something.

There was a reason they parted the first time and Alec is determined not to get pulled in, but seeing her again ignites a desire so intense, he’s tempted.

Kate wants something so desperately, she’s willing to swallow her pride and plead with her formidable ex-husband for help. With time running out, she must convince the dominant Highlander to agree with her unusual request.

They need each other more than they know, but can they put past hurt behind them, even if it could change everything in their world as they know it?

In this fiery battle of love, whose heart will be tamed?


Infamous UK celebrity playboy, Cameron “Heartbreak” Hunter is everything bridal fashion designer, Evangeline Parks knows she should avoid. However, when fate intervenes and the gorgeous whisky tycoon is her mystery date for her best friend Kate’s wedding in Scotland, Evie won’t relent to his charm. Smart enough to know that a man like Cameron only brings heartache and tears, she’s determined to avoid becoming another notch on his belt–no matter how incredibly attracted to him she is.

Cameron Hunter has never encountered a woman who dismisses him upon sight–until he meets Evie. The more the opinionated beauty tries to steer clear of him, the more desirable he finds her. But when Cameron’s hidden past is discovered, obstacles pile up as he sets out to win Evie and prove that he is far more than just tabloid fodder. Has the bad boy billionaire finally found the one to end the hunt for his heart?

Book 1: Heart Raider (Nick and Veronique)
Book 2: Heart Melter (Ian and Natasha)
Book 3: Heart Tamer (Alec and Kate)
Book 4: Heart Hunter (Cameron and Evie)
Book 5: Heart Tempter (Leo and Teddy)

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sophia Knightly, loves to cook up hot romance and delicious humor in her feel-good stories. Whether it’s romantic suspense, romantic comedy or chick lit, her books are fun and sexy contemporary romances that feature hot alpha heroes and strong, smart women. 


She is traditionally published by St. Martin’s Press, Kensington and Samhain Publishing. Her popular Tropical Heat Series books and Heartthrob Series books have consistently been on multiple Amazon best selling lists and sold over 100,000 copies. 


When not writing or reading, she loves walking the beach, exploring museums, going to the theatre, enjoying good food, and watching movies. One of her favorite pastimes remains simply watching people, especially those in love! 


Write to her at: sophiaknightly@gmail.com

Follow her on Twitter @SophiaKnightly

“Like” her Facebook author page at: http://on.fb.me/vGfJ5t

Visit her website at: http://www.sophiaknightly.net

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My Thoughts:

This is a collection of two novellas which are related.  They tell the stories of two American women, Kate and Evie, who are business partners and friends, who find love in Scotland with two hunky kilt-wearing Scots, Alec and Cameron.  Their paths to love aren’t smooth, but they are definitely passionate.

Heart Tamer

Kate Hayes has kept in touch with her ex-husband’s sister, since their divorce nine years ago.  They have maintained their friendship, and Kate, a designer, has even gifted Eileen with an original wedding dress.  Kate has come to Scotland for the wedding, though Alec, her ex-husband isn’t aware of it.  Their divorce and parting was bitter, and they haven’t spoken since.  However, Kate, now has a special request to make of Alec.

Ten years ago, Kate and Alec fell madly in love and married quickly.  Both are headstrong, aggressive personalities, which lead to many fights, but their love and passion kept them together.  Then Alec’s younger brother died, and his whole focus became finding the people responsible and getting revenge.  This quest consumed him, and even Kate was unable to deter him.  When Kate couldn’t face his continual leaving and putting himself in danger, she gave him an ultimatum.  Unfortunately, her gamble didn’t pay off and their marriage ended.

Now they are both older and wiser.  They also instantly feel that electric attraction they’ve always had.  Fate seems to be offering a second chance for them, but can they make it work?  I felt this couple belonged together, and I really liked the way they didn’t hesitate to confess their feelings for each other right away.  I hated to see their starting to fall in the same routine that was their downfall before, but ultimately, they were able to hold it together, and build a future together, this time forever.

Heart Hunter

Evie Parker has only been living half a life since her beloved husband died seven years ago.  Now, perhaps she’s ready to live again.  Her friend Kate is getting married, and is sending a mystery man to pick Evie up.  Excited at the prospect, Evie opens the door to see Cameron Hunter, a notorious celebrity who is always in the tabloids.  Without even giving him a chance, Evie writes him off, deciding immediately that he’s not the man she needs.

Cameron is taken aback at being dismissed, and even more determined to capture Evie’s interest.  Before long, he succeeds, and has convinced Evie to spend two weeks in his company, just to have fun and enjoy Scotland.  Cameron is much more than the shallow playboy the scandal sheets make him out to be.  Soon he and Evie, begin a passionate affair, but can they overcome his family’s objections and maintain a love when they live an ocean apart?

Evie realizes that she’s falling in love, and with someone who only agreed to two weeks of fun.  I was happy to see her finally letting go of the past.  I like that she told Cameron her feelings, and I like that he didn’t panic, but stopped to consider his own life and feelings.

While both of these stories are short, light reads, they also deal with love that happens quickly and hits hard.  They show the importance of talking, as opposed to running away.  They also show that no matter how great the love, it won’t work unless you work at it.       Reviewed by Blue


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