Christmas at Evergreen Inn by Donna Alward

Christmas at Evergreen Inn

Welcome back to Jewell Cove with this heartwarming novella, where this holiday season, there happens to be no room at the inn…

When a December Nor’easter roars up the eastern seaboard, Jewell Cove cop Todd Ricker spends his day off being a Good Samaritan to stranded holiday travelers. But when the roads close and Todd can’t make his way home, he discovers that the Evergreen Inn is full up. Until another Good Samaritan opens her doors and offers him a place to stay…

Lainey Price is not looking forward to Christmas, but just because she’s not filled with the holiday spirit doesn’t mean she’s going to turn Todd out into the stormy night. Even if it means offering the handsome police officer the couch in her tiny cottage. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the two are snowed in for a wintry evening by the fire. With Christmas only a few days away, can Todd convince Lainey to open her heart to the season…and love?

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My Thoughts:

Policeman Todd Ricker rescues a stranded motorist during a snowstorm, and manages to make his way back to the Evergreen Inn, only to find out that the inn is full.  The roads have now been shut down, and Todd is not going to be able to get back to his own home.  The inn’s manager, Lainey Price, and Todd have known each other for at least ten years, going back to their high school days.  They have always had a sort of awareness of each other, but circumstances were never right for them to pursue a relationship.  Lainey is not about to put anyone out in a blizzard, so she arranges for the stranded man to have a cot, and for Todd to sleep on her own couch.

Todd has always felt that Lainey was out of his league, while she thought he was just a player.  Eventually, Lainey fell in love, got engaged, and planned a Christmas wedding a year ago.  One week before the wedding, her fiancé called everything off, leaving Lainey brokenhearted and bitter about the Christmas holidays.  Todd feels that now might finally be his chance with Lainey, and at first she’s receptive, but is still gun shy.  From here their relationship is on again, off again, though it all takes place over a few short days.

Todd is actually more sensitive than Lainey gives him credit for, and her lack of faith in him actually hurts him.  Still, he’s determined to bring Lainey back to feeling Christmas joy again, and to having a genuine relationship with her.  This short and sweet novella (it’s less than 100 pages)brings a lonely man and a wounded woman together to find a new beginning at the most wonderful time of the year.                                                          ~Bonnie~single blue rose croppedsingle blue rose croppedsingle blue rose cropped


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