Review – Christmas in Duke Street by Miranda Neville, Carolyn Jewel, Shana Galen, and Grace Burrowes.

27135836The Blurb:

Christmas in London is a busy time at the little bookshop in Duke Street, for love, literature, and shopping. Four couples come and go and discover that happy ever after makes the perfect Christmas gift.

The Rake Who Loved Christmas by Miranda Neville
Sir Devlyn Stratton wants to save his brother from an unprincipled adventuress, especially when he meets Oriel Sinclair and wants her for himself. Oriel won’t marry for convenience or become a rake’s mistress. But succumbing to Dev’s seduction is all too tempting.

A Seduction in Winter by Carolyn Jewel
He’s an artist and a duke’s heir. She’s sheltered and scarred. Can he show her by Christmas that love can be theirs to share?

A Prince in Her Stocking by Shana Galen
Lady Cassandra has always done as she’s been told. Meek and malleable, she’s lived a life devoid of passion. When she meets a handsome man rumored to be an exiled prince, she sees one last chance at excitement. Little does she know, too much excitement can be dangerous.

The Appeal of Christmas by Grace Burrowes
The best Christmas present is the one he didn’t realize he desperately needed.

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Christmas in Duke Street: An Anthology of Holiday Historical Romances

My Thoughts:Reviewed by Rose 3

The Rake Who Loved Christmas by Miranda Neville

Sir Devlyn Stratton is charmed by the lady he encounters in a book store, but he is quickly disillusioned when she leaves in the company of a dissolute rake.  Imagine his surprise when he later learns his younger brother states he wants to marry her.  Contrary to appearances, Oriel Sinclair, manages a print shop, and is barely scraping by while trying to support herself and her ill father.  Her contact with the rake is only to encourage his purchase of some plates, so she can afford to take her father to the country, and she has no intention of encouraging the young man in the throes of puppy love who has proposed.  Devlyn is a charming man, but his misconceptions about Oriel only make her want to let him believe the worst.  This story is a pure delight to read as Devlyn and Oriel work their way through the roadblocks and find their happy ever after.

A Seduction in Winter by Carolyn Jewel

Honora Baynard has some scarring on her face, and when she was a child, Leoline Marrable would often be her champion, and chase off other children who would taunt and even throw things at her.  Honora cherishes those memories, and has kept track of Leoline’s career, hoping that he’d be safe.  Now, Leo is back in town, and has approached Honora’s father, who is an artist, to complete a portrait of his late brother.  Honora works with her father, and actually does most of the finishing work on his paintings.  Honora’s father painstakingly does his best to keep her hidden away and out of the public eye, and she allows it.  Leo finds the grown up Honora interesting, and soon he has persuaded her to step out with him.  There is no miracle, as people still stare, and some make cruel comments, but Leo makes Honora feel whole.  They have to work through his “almost” engagement and her insecurities on their way to happy ever after, but it’s a lovely journey.  I adore this emotional story (my favorite of the book) and the hero who makes the heroine feel beautiful.

A Prince in Her Stocking by Shana Galen

Prince Lucien of Glynaven barely escaped with his life when his government was overthrown.  He traveled to England, on the trail of some documents, which his mother hid in an old book which is apparently now somewhere in this bookstore.  The documents will prove his identity and perhaps provide some means of support, because right now Lucien is penniless and homeless.  Every day is spent in the bookstore, going through each book, hoping to find the documents before the assassins find him.  One day Cassandra Ashbrooke comes to the bookstore, and is quite taken by the handsome man who thinks he’s a prince.  Cassandra is widowed, very shy, and definitely under the thumb of her late husband’s sister, who rules the household.  Lonely Cassandra and Lucien begin a friendship, and soon she is helping him on his quest, which turns into an adventure, though not the kind one wants to have.  This fun story takes us through their budding romance, danger from assassins, and Cassandra coming into her own to stand up to her managing sister-in-law.

The Appeal of Christmas by Grace Burrowes

Gervaise Stoneleigh and Hazel Hooper have been friends for years, they know each other better than anyone else, yet, he doesn’t realize that she’s in love with him.  Christmas is a chore to Gervaise, while it is pure joy to Hazel.  As she helps him find the perfect gift for his sister, Gervaise thinks about all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts she has given him over the years, every one a perfect choice.  Yet, he’s never bought her a Christmas gift in return, and he wants to change that.  When he asks her what she would like, Hazel  surprises him by asking for a night of passion with her dearest friend.  This night will change everything, and open Gervaise’s eyes and heart.  This warm and wonderful story (my other favorite of the book) is a joy to read and savor.

When four authors of this caliber combine their substantial talents, you can bet it’s going to be good.  And it is!  This is one of the best Christmas compilations you’ll find, and I enjoyed it greatly and recommend it highly.

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