Review – Winning Lord West by Anna Campbell

Winning Lord WestAll rakes are the same! Except when they’re not…

Spirited Helena, Countess of Crewe, knows all about profligate rakes; she was married to one for nine years and still bears the scars. Now this Dashing Widow plans a life of glorious freedom where she does just what she wishes – and nobody will ever hurt her again. So what is she to do when that handsome scoundrel Lord West sets out to make her his wife? Say no, of course. Which is fine, until West focuses all his sensual skills on changing her mind. And West’s sensual skills are renowned far and wide as utterly irresistible…

Passionate persuasion!

Vernon Grange, Lord West, has long been estranged from his headstrong first love, Helena Nash, but he’s always regretted that he didn’t step in to prevent her disastrous marriage. Now Helena is free, and this time, come hell or high water, West won’t let her escape him again. His weapon of choice is seduction, and in this particular game, he’s an acknowledged master. Now that he and Helena are under one roof at the year’s most glamorous house party, he intends to counter her every argument with breathtaking pleasure. Could it be that Lady Crewe’s dashing days are numbered?

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Rose 3

Helena Wade and Vernon Grange were teenage sweethearts, but their young love ended when Helena fell for another man, and Vernon decided he needed to spread his wings and see what the world had to offer.  Helena married Lord Crewe, and almost immediately realized that her husband was a despicable cheater.  Meanwhile, Vernon is now Baron West, and has never found a woman who measures up to Helena.   When Crewe dies, West decides that he must win Helena back.  This is a daunting task, because Helena unjustly holds West responsible for her unhappiness, just because he was the one who introduced her to Crewe.  The years of his cheating and her humiliation have hardened Helena’s heart, even to friendship with West.

West is upfront with Helena, telling her that he intends to win her, if not for marriage, then to be her lover.  Helena is aware of West’s rakish reputation, and feels that her young love is just another untrustworthy man.  Before West can begin his wooing in earnest, he is called away on a diplomatic mission.  During his absence, he writes Helena a series of passionate letters declaring his intentions, and Helena answers with snarky replies.  This exchange was pure delight!

West returns from his mission in time to attend Helena’s brother’s wedding, which means that he and Helena are resident in the same household.  West is a handsome man (black hair and green eyes – sigh!) and soon Helena finds herself giving up her grudge against him.  Then she decides that she will enjoy an affair with him.  It turns out that they have an explosive sexual chemistry, and they begin to rediscover all the things they loved about each other as teenagers.  At this point, I began to wonder why Anna Campbell titled this book WINNING LORD WEST, when it seemed to me that HE needed to do the winning.  Just when it seems like they may be en route to happy ever after – Anna Campbell throws in a little plot twist to keep things interesting.

I’ve said before that I’m not usually a great fan of novellas, but there are a few authors who write them really well, Anna Campbell being one.  WINNING LORD WEST is a quick read, with a sexy, lovable hero, and a stubborn, but likeable heroine who deserves a happy ever after.  The story has plenty of heart, passion, smiles, and one of my favorite things – an epilogue.  I enjoyed this read very much and am happy to recommend WINNING LORD WEST and the whole Dashing Widows series for your reading pleasure.

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  1. Lovely review, Rose. I have just finished reading this and it’s my favourite book of the series so far. Did you see Anna’s note at the end that there will be three more installments in this series?

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