Review – Weeping in the Wings by Terry Lynn Thomas

weeping-in-the-wingsSan Francisco, March 1943

Sarah Bennett harbors two secrets: She sees ghosts, and she’s in love with a spy.

When Sarah takes a job with occult expert Dr. Matthew Geisler, he promises to help her understand the sorrowful spirit that seems to have attached itself to her—a spirit whose incessant weeping only she can hear.

Meanwhile, as Sarah struggles to cope with the relentless weeping, she comes face to face with Zeke, the man who left her six months earlier and is ostensibly convalescing from injuries suffered in an alleged accident. But Zeke has secrets of his own, and Sarah’s love and trust are soon put to the test.

Things take an even darker turn when an attempt is made on Geisler’s life, and Sarah finds herself caught in a struggle between the living and the dead. Unsure who she can trust, she must unlock the mystery of the weeping ghost in order to save Dr. Geisler—and herself—from an unknown enemy.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jack Bennett got away with murder.  Sarah, his adopted daughter, has become a pariah, as she testified against him during his trial, and public opinion favors the well known author.  If that weren’t bad enough, after the verdict was read, a weeping ghost attached itself to Sarah, giving her little peace.  With her present life in disarray and her future uncertain, Sarah is eager to accept a job at Geisler Institute, where Dr. Geisler believes he may help her develop her psychic abilities.  It’s not a coincidence that Sarah received this job offer, as it turns out that the ghost is none other than Dr. Geisler’s deceased sister, Alysse.

There is a whole lot happening at the Institute as Sarah tries to pull her life together and make sense of what’s happening to her.  She’s a strong woman, but recent strange events have her doubting her own sanity at times.  Then Sarah discovers that there is another patient at the institute, a severely injured man named Zeke.  It turns out this is the same man who was working for her adoptive father months ago, the same man Sarah fell in love with, the same man who disappeared from her life.  While Sarah is overjoyed to see Zeke alive, they have much to resolve before resuming their short lived romance.  And then there is the attempted murder…

Terry Lynn Thomas paints a vivid picture of life in California during wartime in the 1940’s.  Her descriptions bring that time to life with so many details, you’d almost believe she experienced it firsthand.  WEEPING IN THE WINGS is so many things – suspenseful, paranormal, historical, emotional, and romantic.  If you read this book on its own, the author provides enough information for you to follow along, but I recommend reading book one, The Spirit of Grace, to fully appreciate Sarah’s backstory.  I very much enjoyed this engrossing story, and am happy to highly recommend it.

Rating 4Reviewed by Rose 3

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