Review – Lady Sybil’s Vampire by Ann Lethbridge

lady-sybils-vampireIn Regency London all is not it seems. Vampires live among humans, hiding their powers from their hosts in the shadows. Award winning regency historical author, Ann Lethbridge puts a new twist on the old romance fantasy of a dark and dangerous lover in this first book of a new regency vampire series.
Unbeknownst to Lady Sybil Lofstrom, she is descended from a race of Fae all but decimated centuries before. She tells no one about the creatures she sees until one night at Vauxhall she comes across of one of those creatures, Count Anton Grazki, bent over a human victim.
His vampire instinctively recognizes her as his mate, but realizes she has the power to see his kind and must be destroyed according to their laws. What will Anton choose? The desire of his heart or what he has always chosen….his duty?


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Lady Sybil’s Vampire (A Most Peculiar Season Book 5)


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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Although Sybil Lofstrom is a lady by birth, now that her parents are dead, she has to earn a living, and is working as a companion.  This situation is actually favorable, as companions tend to be invisible, and Sybil has a secret that must be kept hidden.  As her mother did, Sybil has the ability to see beings that others can’t – she calls them “Others,” because she’s not really sure what kind of creatures they are.  Her mother eventually was deemed mad, and institutionalized because of her insistence that those beings existed.  Determined not to follow in her mother’s footsteps, Sybil keeps her talent hidden.

Count Anton Grazki is known as “King’s Blade.”  This means he is really an assassin, sworn to serve King Vlad forever,  never to have a mate, or love.  He is also a vampire, as is the king he serves.  There are problems in the vampire world – someone is trying to overthrow King Vlad, an enemy that they are unable to see.  As Anton attends society functions, he sometimes chooses to cloak himself from human view – that’s when he discovers that Sybil has the ability to see him – something no other human has.

Anton and Sybil feel a strong and immediate attraction, but both are very wary of each other.  Sybil realizes that Anton is different, and he must find out why she can see him, in order to protect his people.  They soon come to realize that Sybil can see the vampires’ unknown enemy and may be able to help, but the king and their laws forbid any human having knowledge of them.  Sybil’s becoming involved with the vampires may end up costing her life.

Anton and Sybil are very lonely and solitary beings.  They long for each other, and their chemistry is off the charts, but they are forbidden to have a relationship.  LADY SYBIL’S VAMPIRE is a very passionate and exciting read that I totally enjoyed.  Anton and Sybil are so sympathetic and deserving of a chance to be together.  As secrets are revealed, will they help the star-crossed couple, or doom them?  This is an unconventional regency romance, which I’m happy to recommend to those who enjoy a paranormal twist.

Rating 4Reviewed by Rose 3

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