Review – Wild Fire by Anne Stuart

wild-fireIn Anne Stuart’s Fire Series, smoking-hot alpha heroes are members of a secret organization called the Committee, a shadowy group that operates under the radar and outside the law to fight crime and terrorism. These sexy agents live fast-paced lives and play by their own rules. They’re used to dealing with intrigue, murder, and trouble at every turn. Their orders don’t include falling in love, but the women they become entangled with are irresistibly seductive. As danger and desire rise, these agents discover the only way to survive the heat is to form alliances—both in and out of the bedroom.

About Wildfire: Three years ago, ex-operative Sophie Jordan made the mistake of falling in love—and marrying—her target. Now she’s paying for it tenfold. Her husband might be one of the sexiest men alive, but he’s also a psychopath. She’s been a virtual prisoner, and the time has come for retribution—and escape. Undercover agent Malcolm Gunnison has his orders: get intel from Sophie’s arms-dealer husband, then kill him. He plans to get rid of her, too, if she gets in his way, but he’s unprepared when she gets under his skin instead. Whose side is she on? And what is she hiding behind those mesmerizing eyes? Sophie vowed to never fall for another man again, but this sexy undercover agent is different. With danger mounting, can Malcolm and Sophie trust each other—and their growing passion—enough to get out of this operation alive?

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My Review:Reviewed by Rose 3

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I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

The Committee is a nebulous organization which exists to fight the wrongs and evils of the world, but whose methods are ruthless, and sometimes leave collateral damage.  Sophie Jordan was in training to become an agent when she was sent on her first assignment.  Her team’s mission was to kill Archer MacDonald, who is a wealthy arms dealer, among other crimes.  Unfortunately, the inexperienced Sophie fell in love with him, and she ended up marrying him.  Not long after, Archer learned of Sophie’s involvement with the Committee, and contracted to have her killed.  The assassin only managed to injure Sophie’s spine, causing paralysis.  Archer, being a sadistic monster underneath his surface charm, takes great joy in having Sophie helpless and under his thumb.  He virtually holds her prisoner on his private island while he continues with his latest venture, which is brokering a deal for a new and dangerous chemical weapon.

Unbeknownst to Archer, Sophie has begun to regain the feeling in her legs.  Every day, while in her luxurious bathroom, out of reach of Archer’s surveillance cameras, she exercises her body, building up her strength.  She’s smart enough to know that she will be killed as soon as Archer tires of the cat and mouse games he plays with her.  Sophie plans to escape the island, and kill Archer before he kills her.  Enter, Malcolm “Mal” Gunnison, who is another agent for the Committee.  He is undercover, posing as an agent for a buyer of the chemical weapon, while his real assignment is to kill Archer.  Sophie is merely considered a footnote.  It’s up to Mal whether he rescues her, leaves her on the island, or kills her.  Mal is reserving judgment until he sees the lay of the land.

Archer proceeds to wine and dine his new guest while they wait for the inventor of the weapon to arrive on the island.  Everything is at Mal’s disposal, including the women Archer keeps around for entertainment.  Soon, Archer even offers his wife for Mal’s amusement, in fact, he insists upon it.  When Mal and Sophie are out of range of the cameras, they soon learn the truth about each other.  They have an intense attraction which neither wants, so their “working relationship” is antagonistic.  Then the action really ramps up, with a devastating tropical storm, attempted murder, and many more surprises.

I admit it – Anne Stuart is my guilty pleasure, and I adore her.  Her heroes are usually over-the-top bad boys who are somehow on the good side.  Mal is no exception – he does whatever it takes to complete his assignment, whether it be sex, murder, or anything in between.  Yet this hardened man falls for the very flawed Sophie.  Despite her training, Sophie made a huge mistake in judgment regarding Archer.  She was gullible enough to believe his lies, and turned her back on the Committee, and it cost her greatly.  She’s wise enough now not to fall for anyone else, especially a Committee agent.  Or, is she?  WILD FIRE is chock full of intrigue, twists, excitement, and very steamy sex.  I recommend this book for fans of romantic suspense who enjoy a hot, intense read and a dark hero – it’s Anne Stuart doing what she does best.

Rating 4heat-level-scorchingblueflame2


anne-stuartAbout the Author: Bestselling author Anne Stuart is a master of romance, a winner of Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, and a forty-year veteran of the publishing business. Her first novel was Barrett’s Hill, a Gothic romance published when Anne was just twenty-five. Since then, she’s written romances in nearly every subgenre, from Regency and historical to paranormal and suspense. Anne speaks all over the country and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight as well as in Vogue, People, USA Today, Woman’s Day, and many other national newspapers and magazines. She lives with her husband by a lake in northern Vermont, where she enjoys an empty nest, fabulous grandchildren, and overacting in local theater. She has so many books she still wants to write that she plans to live forever.

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