A Lady’s Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran – Blog Tour and Review


A LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT                                by Meredith Duran

FROM THE usa today bestselling author of FOOL ME TWICE, the 2015 RITA AWARD Winner for Historical Romance 


Fifth in the Rules for the Reckless Series

Pocket Books  Publication Date: February 28, 2017  ISBN: 9781501139024  Price: $7.99

About the book:


Trapped in the countryside, facing an unwanted marriage and the theft of her fortune, Jane Mason is done behaving nicely. To win her freedom, she’ll strike a deal with the most dangerous man she knows—a rising star in politics, whose dark good looks mask an even darker heart.


The bitter past has taught Crispin Burke to trust no one. He’ll gladly help a lovely young heiress, provided she pays a price. Yet when a single mistake shatters his life, it is Jane who holds the key to his salvation. And in a world that no longer makes sense, Crispin slowly realizes that she may be the only thing worth fighting for…

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A Lady’s Code of Misconduct (Rules for the Reckless)

 About the author:

meredithduranauthorphotoMeredith Duran is the author of ten previous novels, including The Duke of Shadows (winner of the Gather.com First Chapters Romance Writing Competition); Wicked Becomes You (included on the Woman’s World List of Best Beach Reads for Summer 2010), and the USA TODAY bestseller and RITA Award Winner Fool Me Twice. She blames Anne Boleyn for sparking her lifelong obsession with British history, and for convincing her that princely love is no prize if it doesn’t come with a happily-ever-after. She enjoys collecting old etiquette manuals, guidebooks to nineteenth-century London, and travelogues by intrepid Victorian women. Visit her at MeredithDuran.com, on Twitter @meredithduran and Facebook AuthorMeredithDuran.

Reckless Reward:

The twenty starred blogs (*) below will giveaway one set (Reckless Reward!) of three autographed copies in the Rules for the Reckless series: Fool Me Twice, Lady Be Good, and Luck Be A Lady. You can enter on all participating sites, but you can only win once. To celebrate the fifth in the series, there will be five Reckless Reward giveaways per day beginning publication day, Tuesday, February 28th – Friday, March 3rd. U.S. only.

Blog Tour:

Tuesday, February 28th                                                                                                                                           *The Romance Dish                *Canadian Book Addict             *Just Another New Blog       *Top 10 Romance   Books       *Unabridged Chick

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Thursday, March 2nd                                                                                                                                                         *I am, Indeed                            *A Midlife Wife                           *Literary Gossip             *Undeniably Book Nerdy        *Dew On The Kudzu

Friday, March 3rd                                                                                                                                                        *Black ‘N Gold Girl’s Book Spot  *JoJo the Bookaholic           *Sportochick’s Musings        *The Reading Wench               *Got Fiction Book Blog

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I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.


My Review:

Reviewed by Rose 3

Jane Mason was raised by loving parents who educated her, encouraged her to think, and valued her opinion.  When her parents died, she and her considerable fortune were put under the guardianship of her uncle, Philip, whose goals are to use Jane’s fortune to further his political and personal aspirations.  After coming to this household, Jane quickly learned to fade into the background and to keep her opinions to herself.  One of the household’s regular visitors is Crispin Burke, a self-contained, cold, cruel man with ambitions to be Prime Minister. He buys favors, votes, and people.

Jane is made aware that she is going to be forced to wed Uncle Philip’s son, her cousin Archie.  If that marriage happens, Jane will never be free again, and her fortune will be lost for good.  When Crispin Burke is brutally attacked, and expected to die within days, Jane concocts a scheme where she buys false paperwork showing that she and he were married.  Legally, she is now out of her uncle’s power, and he is enraged.  Jane moves to Crispin’s parents’ home, and she and the family watch over him and wait for his passing.

Only – Crispin doesn’t die.  Contrary to the opinions of several top doctors, Crispin wakes up, despite the severe injury to his head.  But all is not well – Crispin only remembers up until about five years ago.  He doesn’t remember the type of man he has become or the things he has done.  And he certainly doesn’t remember his new wife.  Yet, he treats her with courtesy, as he does his family, though they have become estranged.  Jane doesn’t know what to do.  Her plan revolved around her becoming a widow, and then leaving for America, or somewhere else far from her uncle’s clutches.  What will happen when Crispin regains his memory?  All the doctors are sure that he will, but they don’t know when.

I love it when amnesia is used as part of the plot if it’s well written, and in this story, it’s very, very well done.  Crispin’s current character is nothing like the man he used to be.  So, along with him, we learn all of the things that happened that changed him over the course of several years.  Because of his powerful position, he has to act as if he remembers everything.  The secret deals he made, and the plots he hatched are all unknown to him.  There is also the fact that something he was involved in caused him to be attacked and left for dead.  Throughout his recovery  process, his one constant is Jane, though he knows there is something not right about their marriage.

Jane is ready to flee on a moment’s notice, though this new version of Crispin attracts and intrigues her.  He values her opinions and intelligence, and he appreciates her.  Jane tries to be as honest as she can about everything, but she can’t yet reveal the fact of their false marriage.  When Crispin manages to get close, she pushes him away, knowing that “he” (meaning, the old Crispin) will return at any time.

Meredith Duran very skillfully peels back the layers of Crispin’s past, allowing the reader to learn his history along with him.  It’s a joy to watch the browbeaten Jane come back to the intelligent and vibrant woman she once was.  The romance developed slowly, believably, and sweetly.  I was, of course, wanting Jane’s happiness from the beginning, but Crispin’s redemption was beautifully rendered.  A LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT is a fascinating, well written book, with a great story line, and complex protagonists who earn their well deserved happily ever after.  Highly recommended.

Rating 4.5heat-level-warm1-blue-flame




  1. Excellent review! I look forward to reading this. I actually own the other books, so won’t enter the contest. Unfortunately, they are on my TBR. Would you recommend reading the books in order? I usually do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Sharlene. Thank you! I usually like to read the books of a series in order, too, but this one can be read completely on its own if you’re anxious to start. I have to say that the others are awesome as well, though. Tough choice to make. 🙂


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