Review – Bombshell by C D Reiss

From New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss, a standalone romance about a nanny, a Hollywood star, and a love they never expected.

Hollywood bad boy Brad Sinclair always gets his way, whether it’s the role he wants or the bikini-clad model he has to have. But when a bombshell gets dropped in his lap in the form of a dimpled five-year-old from a forgotten relationship, he knows his life is about to change forever.

Cara DuMont isn’t exactly thrilled when she gets assigned to be the nanny for the latest box-office king. She has one rule: no celebrity fathers, especially single ones with devilish good looks and rock-hard abs.

But as soon as Cara meets Brad and his adorable little girl, she knows she’s in for a world of trouble. Because there’s something about the way Brad looks at her that makes her believe that some rules are meant to be broken…

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Bombshell (Hollywood A-List Book 1)

About the Author: CD Reiss

CD Reiss shot up the USA Today bestseller list with sizzling works like Hardball and Shuttergirl, but she still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God, but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t answer, she’s at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, Reiss moved to Hollywood to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. Unfortunately, her screenwriting went nowhere, but it did give her enough confidence to write novels.

Today she’s adoringly referred to as the “Shakespeare of Smut,” which she thinks is flattering, but it hasn’t gotten her out of chopping a single piece of wood.

My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to read BOMBSHELL, which is far removed from my usual choices.  The premise of a hot Hollywood star with a newly discovered daughter and their relationship with their nanny sounded intriguing.  Brad Sinclair is the stereotype of the young superstar on top of the world.  He’s a good old southern boy from Arkansas who has skyrocketed to Hollywood’s A-List in a few short years.  He’s described as dark haired, tall, and with stunning blue eyes – I couldn’t help but think of Matt Bomer.  His lifestyle is also what one would expect, the mansion with the pool, security, publicist, manager, personal assistant, maids, caterers, and on and on.  While he is a skilled actor and does work very hard, he also plays hard.  His bachelor life is a constant stream of drinking and sexual encounters, often with multiple women simultaneously.  However, he’s always used protection, always.  Well, apparently except for that one time about six years ago, when he got his first big break.  The result of that celebratory liaison has arrived at his doorstep in the person of his daughter, Nicole.  The DNA test proved that she is, indeed, his.  Life as he knew it is about to change.  First step – hire a nanny to look after the constantly crying little girl who just lost her mother.

Cara DuMont genuinely loves children, and has chosen the career of nanny, despite all the pitfalls that come with it, especially in Los Angeles.  A long term dream assignment has just ended because her former boss became engaged, and the new fiancée did not want a beautiful nanny in the house.  Cara was forced to leave the two children she had grown to love, and an ideal situation where the boss was NOT hitting on her.  A very dear friend of hers, who is also a nanny, became fodder for the tabloids when she fell prey to the married man she was working for, and it ruined her career and created havoc in her life.  At the employment agency, Cara is able to comfort the sobbing young child, and Brad determines that she is the one for the job.  Of course, Cara refuses, but a persistent Brad eventually works out a temporary thirty day assignment, to facilitate the transition to a new nanny.

Cara is determined to never see herself in the tabloids or to have a relationship with her employer.  She comes off as very professional, somewhat distant, and always in control.  Inside, though, her heart breaks for the children she always falls in love with and has to leave.  And she is not immune to the appeal of Brad Sinclair.  She immediately begins to fantasize and to dream about him, though she’s determined to never let it happen in real life.  Brad likes women, and he’s very attracted to Cara, but he’s determined to keep the relationship professional, as well.  It seems that neither of them is all that strong, though, because they give in to their scorching chemistry.  And it is hot!

I did not care much for Brad through most of the book.  His lifestyle, and what seemed to me his feelings of entitlement just were a turnoff.  Cara was great with Nicole, but I really didn’t warm up much to her either.  The first part of BOMBSHELL really dragged for me, and I almost gave up.  Then Brad and Cara realize that they don’t want their relationship to end when the thirty days are up.  Brad begins to have some genuine feelings for his daughter, and starts to get real about his life.  Cara begins to consider the possibility of a genuine relationship.  Of course, there are secrets, and bumps in the road as Brad and Cara and Nicole try to create a family.  It was really interesting to me to see the perspective of this situation from the nanny’s point of view.  The chapters alternated, one from each lead character’s point of view, and I enjoyed that very much. The second half of BOMBSHELL flowed much better, and concluded in an almost fairy tale like scenario.  But isn’t that what Hollywood is all about?

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