Review – A Warriner to Rescue Her by Virginia Heath

Tempted by the damsel in distress! 

Captain James Warriner is startled to find a curvaceous beauty caught up a tree in his orchard! Despite his shattered leg, he rescues Miss Cassandra Reeves, then is determined to have nothing more to do with the enticing vicar’s daughter.

Except when Cassie seeks Jamie out to apologize, they find themselves persuaded to work together on her storybook. Secret liaisons with the dashing soldier make Cassie wish Jamie would rescue her once more…by making her his wife!


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A Warriner to Rescue Her (The Wild Warriners)

My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

Jamie Warriner is one of four brothers who had been trying hard to bring their farm back to prosperity, and to eradicate the stain on their family name after years of cheating, neglect, and waste by their now deceased father.  When older brother, Jack, married an heiress, their financial problems were solved, and Jamie now had time to go back to something he loves – painting beautiful scenery and wildlife.  As a child, Jamie suffered terrible abuse and punishment from his father for indulging in such a “girlish” pursuit, but he refused to give it up.  When Jamie became a soldier, he was badly injured, and now limps and has almost constant pain.  In addition to the physical wounds, Jamie suffers from what we now call PTSD, and has trouble sleeping.  This all contributes to making Jamie moody, abrupt, and distant.

Cassie Reeves is the new vicar’s daughter.  As she’s out riding, exploring the area, she manages to get herself tangled and stuck in an apple tree, which happens to be on Warriner land.  Jamie hears her cry for help, and comes to rescue her.  Despite his painfully injured leg, he begins to climb the tree, but Cassie panics, and the ensuing scenes are truly delightfully funny.  Jamie can’t get away from Cassie quickly enough, and abruptly tells her to stay off Warriner land.  Cassie, seeing Jamie limp, believes that she caused the injury, and feels terrible.

When Cassie calls the next day to apologize, Jamie is initially annoyed, or so he thinks.  Soon, he finds himself a little charmed and intrigued with the self-deprecating young lady.  Somehow, when Jamie learns that she writes stories with talking animals for the children in her church, he finds himself illustrating them.  As they meet regularly, barriers begin to drop, and they become genuine friends.  The fairy tale stories mimic their own acquaintance, and Cassie casts Jamie as the hero, much to his surprise.

I do love to read about a wounded hero, and Jamie has so many issues that he feels make him unsuitable to pursue a relationship with Cassie, though they both clearly want to.  Though Cassie is lovely, she is so insecure, and feels that she is not pretty enough, and is too flighty for someone like Jamie.  To make matters worse, Cassie’s zealot father has taken an instant dislike to the Warriner family before even meeting them, based on gossip he heard.  It turns out that he is irrational and cruel, and metes out horrible punishments to Cassie when she doesn’t live up to his exacting standards.  He is truly an odious villain, and he totally creeped me out.

I read A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER in one sitting, and adored every page, as it ticked all the boxes of things I love – the romance was slow building and sweet, the passion was there, I cared about and rooted for Cassie and Jamie, and there were a few scenes with the subtle humor I love.  (The scene where Jamie is finally willing to show Cassie the scars on his hip and leg is priceless, as that’s not what she finds holding her attention!)  I highly recommend A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER, and eagerly anticipate the next installment from Virginia Heath.


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