Review – Ruining Miss Wrotham by Emily Larkin

If he helps her, he’ll ruin her… 

Eleanor Wrotham has sworn off overbearing men, but she needs a man’s help—and the man who steps forward is as domineering as he is dangerous: the notorious Mordecai Black.

The illegitimate son of an earl, Mordecai is infamous for his skill with women. His affairs are legendary—but few people realize that Mordecai has rules, and one of them is: Never ruin a woman.

But if Mordecai helps Miss Wrotham, she will be ruined.

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Ruining Miss Wrotham (Baleful Godmother Historical Romance Series Book 5)

My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Eleanor “Nell” Wrotham was jilted by her fiancé, Roger, when her younger Sister, Sophia, eloped and caused them both to be ruined.  Now that Nell’s father is dead, she has a measure of freedom, and is determined to find Sophia.  Nell received a months old letter from Sophia, asking for her help, as she had been abandoned in London.  No longer caring for her own reputation, Nell visits Roger, hoping that he will aid her, but he refuses.  As Nell angrily leaves Roger’s home, she runs into Mordecai Black.

Mordecai is the acknowledged, though illegitimate, son of the Earl of Dereham, and he has the not-really-earned reputation of being a rake and a libertine.  Mordecai has been in love with Nell almost since he first saw her.  He approached her father for permission to court her, but was refused.  When Nell became engaged to his cousin, Roger, Mordecai gave up all hope.  Now that the engagement is broken, and Nell is in need of help, Mordecai offers to provide his assistance.  And, maybe, just maybe, he can try again to court Nell.

Nell is willing to accept Mordecai’s help, but she is insistent on being part of the search.  At first Mordecai refuses, wanting to protect her reputation, but when Nell insists that she is already ruined, he relents.  What Mordecai doesn’t know is that Nell is part of a family line in which the females, upon reaching a certain age, are entitled to select a magical ability, a reluctant gift from a genuine fairy godmother.  Nell is due to receive her gift on her upcoming twenty-third birthday.  If Sophia isn’t found by then, Nell will choose the ability to locate people.

Mordecai, who, in truth, is a loving and generous man, still wants to protect Nell, and has her travel in disguise.  Nell is shocked to learn that he tried to court her, as her father never let her know that he sent Mordecai away.  Every day Mordecai offers his protection and proposes marriage to Nell, who promptly refuses.  However, each day the refusal becomes a little less abrupt, and sounds a little more reluctant.  The road trip and the close proximity have allowed Nell and Mordecai to see each other more clearly.  While Mordecai’s love only increases, Nell’s stiff demeanor slowly begins to unbend.  Though she doesn’t intend to marry, she finds that she badly wants to learn about passion with her handsome protector.

Just when Mordecai and Nell’s relationship is looking promising and they are on the path to happiness, there is disturbing news about Sophia.  To make matters worse, a tragic event occurs, forcing Nell to make a split second life or death decision about her magical gift.  And, can Mordecai accept this new facet of Nell ?  That is, even if he believes in magic.

Author Emily Larkin’s latest installment in the Baleful Godmother series is another gem.  I fell in love with the main characters, in particular, Mordecai.  He’s everything a hero should be – strong, protective, caring, devoted, and, oh, so sexy.  Nell comes across as somewhat cool at first, but as I learned about her life, I came to understand her.  She became more likable as she unbent, and she was unselfish in choosing her gift – it was chosen for the benefit of others.  The romance in RUINING MISS WROTHAM is very emotional and passionate, and the plot is exciting and moves along at a quick pace.  I totally enjoyed this read and highly recommend it, along with the previous books in this magical and unique series.

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