Review – As the Devil Dares by Anna Harrington

About the Book:

When playing a game of wits, never ever go up against the woman they call the Hellion . . .


Whether it’s business or pleasure, Lord Robert Carlisle never backs down from a dare. But finding a husband for scandalous Mariah Winslow? It’s one challenge he instantly regrets accepting. Even with all his connections—and rakish charms—Robert will have to use every trick in the book to marry off a woman with no dowry and no sense of decorum…no matter how stunningly beautiful she is.

Mariah Winslow has no intention of being a pawn in Lord Robert’s game. She knows he agreed to play matchmaker only to secure a partnership in her father’s shipping company, a partnership that’s rightfully hers. For now, though, she’ll dress for the elegant balls he throws and dance with the eligible bachelors he chooses. But she won’t be outwitted by the devil himself—no matter how tempting and irresistible she finds him.

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My Review:                        

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Robert Carlisle is determined to be a responsible and successful businessman, and to be the man his late father always hoped he would be.  Robert’s rakish and dissolute lifestyle as a younger man indirectly led to his father’s death, and guilt has plagued him ever since.  Winslow Shipping is the most successful business around, and if Robert could only become partner, he will finally feel that he’s achieved some of the success he so desperately craves.  Winslow is willing to have Robert as a partner, but only if he succeeds in a task that seems nearly impossible, finding a husband for his daughter.

Mariah Winslow is now twenty-five, and is dubbed, “The Hellion,” for her outrageous actions that fall just short of causing her to be totally ruined.  She has no interest in society, her only desire is to become a part of her father’s business and to continue to support her charity project, Gatewell School for Orphans.  When her father puts his foot down and insists that Mariah partake in a real season, under threat of cutting off her allowance, Mariah has no choice but to reluctantly agree.  Her anger and disappointment are directed at Robert, whose mother will sponsor her, and who is actively trying to marry her off.  It enrages Mariah that her father is considering taking a stranger in as a partner in the family business, while she is soundly rejected.

Neither Robert nor Mariah wants to admit that they are greatly attracted to each other from the get-go, but despite their adversarial positions, they are.  I admit that I’m not a fan of enemies-to-lovers stories, and this couple’s bickering and sniping was not something I enjoyed.  They went from fighting to falling into each other’s arms, then back to fighting.  Mariah, in particular, was a complex and contrary character.  She devoted her time and money to her charity, and even worked tirelessly at the school.  Then she could turn around and do immature things like purposefully spilling champagne and dumping dirty water on Robert.  I’m conflicted about my feelings for this heroine, though I was more sympathetic to Robert, although his actions were not all aboveboard either. There are some touching moments and some wonderful secondary characters, in particular, Mariah’s friend, Whitby, who provides some lovely comical moments. If you enjoy a battle of the sexes, with no holds barred, and a hero and heroine with a steamy chemistry, AS THE DEVIL DARES may just be the read you’re looking for.  ~Rose

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