Review – Tiger Striped by Jennifer Ashley

About the Book:

A novella of the Shifters Unbound series

Tiger wakes in the night knowing someone distant is in trouble, and he feels a terrible pull to help. His mate, Carly, is not about to let him run off alone, and so Tiger takes her on a wild adventure for what proves to be the most important rescue mission of his life.


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My Review:                        

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

We first learned Tiger’s story in TIGER MAGIC, and since then, he and his mate, Carly, have created a loving life together, and have an infant son, Seth.  Tiger is awakened one night to a strong feeling of something being majorly wrong, and he receives a telepathic distress call for help.  This call is powerful and unlike anything Tiger has experienced before.  He doesn’t know who it’s from, or where he has to go, he just knows he must go now.  Carly awakens, and is determined to go along.  They hit the road, unaware at first that they have a stowaway young lion-shifter in back.

Carly is concerned, never having seen Tiger like this, but she follows his directions.  They keep driving until they come to a secluded house.  Along the way, they have been followed by mysterious men, as well as police.  Now in this house, Tiger finds who has been sending him the urgent message.  The unexpected captive is someone very important from Tiger’s past, someone who will impact and change his and Carly’s life  – that is, if they are able to overcome the police, guards, mystery men, and the prison itself.

Though this story is short, it’s filled with plenty of action as well as emotion.  Jennifer Ashley’s shifter world has its inhabitants treated as less than second class citizens, forced to wear collars, and live in specified areas.  Yet, these creatures exhibit more loyalty and love than most humans.  TIGER STRIPED includes an exciting and surprising twist, while showcasing Tiger’s and Carly’s strong love and devotion to each other.  I love the character of Tiger, and this fast paced story only made me adore him even more.  He’s a mysterious figure, exceptionally strong, yet gentle and kind to his family.  Carly is his perfect mate, and I can’t wait to see what the surprise that was revealed in this book portends for their future.


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