Review – Primrose and the Dreadful Duke by Emily Larkin

About the Book:

An irrepressible duke, a bookish spinster, a devious murderer … Regency house parties have never been so hazardous!

Oliver Dasenby is the most infuriating man Primrose Garland has ever known. He may be her brother’s best friend, but he has an atrocious sense of humor. Eight years in the cavalry hasn’t taught him solemnity, nor has the unexpected inheritance of a dukedom.

But when Oliver inherited his dukedom, it appears that he also inherited a murderer…

Oliver might be dreadfully annoying, but Primrose doesn’t want him dead. She’s going to make certain he survives his inheritance—and the only way to do that is to help him catch the murderer!

A Baleful Godmother novel.

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My Review:               

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

PRIMROSE AND THE DREADFUL DUKE is the next installment in the  delightful BALEFUL GODMOTHER series, in which direct female descendants of a certain family line inherit a supernatural ability of their choosing.  This gift is the result of a mysterious favor done many years ago for a genuine fairy.  Primrose Garland is of this family line, and has chosen to have the gift of transporting her body to another location at any given time.

Oliver Dasenby is a soldier, and far enough back in line for the family title, that he never expected to inherit.  Yet, a series of deaths has now caused him to be the latest Duke of Westfell.  Young ladies flock around him, desperately hoping to be the next duchess.  Oliver endures their attention while skillfully avoiding their snares.  Still, he can’t deny that his greatest pleasure is dancing with Prim, the sister of his best friend, who has no designs on him, and tends to keep him in his place.  They even continue to use their dreaded childhood nicknames  – “Lady Prim and Proper” for her, and “Daisy” for him.

When it becomes clear that several attempts on Oliver’s life were not accidents, Prim and her brother, Rhodes, make plans with Oliver to flush out the killer at an upcoming house party.  The siblings immediately suspect Oliver’s relatives, who are next in line for the title, but Oliver adamantly refuses to believe that his beloved Uncle Algy or his cousin Ninian can be the culprits.

During the house party, as Prim and Oliver meet in secret to discuss their plans, they come to realize that not only do they like each other, but they’re attracted to each other.  Much to his own amazement, Oliver even begins to think that marriage may not be so bad, if Prim is his bride.  As Oliver and Prim explore their attraction and begin to fall in love, there is still the issue of the attempts on Oliver’s life.  I truly adore this couple!  Prim is not about to change the way she treats Oliver, just because he now has a title.  She is intelligent, protective, and honest.  I love Oliver’s sense of humor and the way he could make fun of himself.  He managed to remain charming to the females pursuing him, while not overtly encouraging them.  His interactions with Prim are fresh, real, and smile-inducing.  (Later, they become steamy, too!)

PRIMROSE AND THE DREADFUL DUKE is another engaging and most enjoyable read from Emily Larkin.  The suspense part was interesting and well done, but didn’t overshadow the romance, which I really appreciate.  Prim’s supernatural ability did play a part, but also did not take over the story.  I love Oliver’s reaction when he discovered Prim’s hidden talent.  Prim’s widowed brother, Rhodes, was a very endearing and sympathetic character, and I hope he finds his own happily ever after somewhere down the line.  PRIMROSE AND THE DREADFUL DUKE is a fabulous read which left me smiling, and I highly recommend it for fans of “friends-to-lovers” stories and those who enjoy a touch of magic with their romance.   ~Rose

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