Review – Christmas Revels V by Anna Allen, Kate Parker, Hannah Meredith, and Louisa Cornell

About the Book:

Christmas with the Regency Lords and Ladies is Always Unexpected—So Let the Revels Begin

Mr. Hunt’s Christmas Caller – After his anticipated betrothal falls apart, Matthias Hunt wants nothing to do with Christmas festivities. Yet, when quiet, demure Constance Blackwell unexpectedly gives him a piece of her mind, he wonders why he never considered her. Delivering gifts for her aunt, Constance dreads facing Mr. Hunt in the wake of her hasty words. After years of secretly loving her neighbor, she can hardly expect a Christmas miracle… until the weather changes.

The Christmas Gamble – In exchange for her guardian’s gambling debts, Lizzie Hancock is pledged to marry the Earl of Stonebrook, a man she’s never met. When she arrives for the Christmas wedding, the bridegroom is missing, the servants are secretive, and a prodigal brother has returned. Could Lizzie gain everything she desires—if she’s willing to gamble on love?

The Gnome and the Christmas Star – The Earl of Marle has an uncanny ability to judge political candidates, but he’s a failure in matters of the heart. After years spent caring for her late husband, the Dowager Viscountess Lyndon fiercely clings to her new independence. An unlikely meeting offers them both a second chance at happiness, but a Christmas miracle is needed to claim it.

A Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas – Valerian, Viscount Keynsham will do anything to ensure his best friend’s marriage to a wealthy heiress, including claim the man’s three young Creole daughters as his own. Lady Catherine Chastleton needs a manageable husband to claim her inheritance. As the children try to keep their stories straight, Christmas will be anything but manageable.

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My Review:                      

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Mr. Hunt’s Christmas Caller by Anna Allen

Matthias Hunt has just faced being rejected by the second woman he’s courted, and he hates being the subject of pity and gossip.  Constance Blackwell has been reduced to living on her aunt’s charity, and has secretly loved Matthias for several years.  As she makes her customary Christmas Eve delivery of preserves to her neighbors, Matthias invites her in, out of the nasty weather.  As they sit and chat, time passes very quickly and they are greatly enjoying each other’s company.  Soon it’s clear that the ice and snow will not allow Constance to return home, much to the delight of both of them.  Their warm and cozy interlude is broken by not one, but two, unwelcome stranded travelers – including the gossiping biddy Mrs. Lancaster, and Nerissa Merryweather, the woman who turned down Matthias’ proposal.  Only now it appears that she’s changed her mind.  MR. HUNT’S CHRISTMAS CALLER is a warm and emotional story with a mature hero and heroine who seem on their way to finding happiness, as long as a scheming and mercenary young lady doesn’t get her way.  I love this touching story!

The Christmas Gamble by Kate Parker

Lizzie Hancock is on her way to meet and marry her fiancé, Lord Stonebrook.  The engagement was arranged by her guardian in order to offset his debts.  They arrive to find Lord Stonebrook mysteriously missing, and his servants reluctant to provide much information.  Soon, another guest arrives – a man claiming to be Gabriel, Lord Stonebrook’s younger brother, who has been away for fifteen years.  It becomes apparent that there are strange goings-on and cover-ups.  What has happened to Stonebrook?  Is the new arrival really Gabriel?  And why does Lizzie wish that he was her fiancé, instead of the mysterious lord she has yet to meet?  There are some surprising twists and some smiles in THE CHRISTMAS GAMBLE, a yuletide romance with a bit of suspense.

The Gnome and the Christmas Star by Hannah Meredith

Sophia is a widow, and she has one more stepson to see settled before she feels she can move on with her own life.  Henry was badly injured while serving as a soldier, and has become withdrawn and solitary.  Sophia feels that if Henry could rekindle his interest in politics, he might rebound, so she arranges a visit to the Earl of Marle.  The earl, Duncan, is a powerful figure in politics, and he invites potential candidates to his home to determine if he’ll offer his support.  Duncan is a widower, though his wife left him before she passed away.  Unfortunately, a derogatory comment by her caused him to be dubbed as, “The Gnome,” though he’s a very handsome man, if short in stature.  Over the Christmas holiday, Sophia and Duncan, both who had marriages that were less than love matches, become very attracted to each other, and begin to consider planning a future together.  I absolutely love that Duncan and Sophia are mature and intelligent people.  THE GNOME AND THE CHRISTMAS STAR is a warm and satisfying story which has an epilogue that is pure delight!

A Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas by Louisa Cornell

Viscount Keynsham feels somewhat responsible for the death of his dear friend, Thynne’s, wife three years ago, though she was the one who made the choice to follow them when they were soldiers.  Since then, Thynne was cast off by his father, and has become a habitual drinker.  Keynsham has taken Thynne and his three daughters to live in his own home, and has searched for an heiress for his friend to wed.  Thynne loves his daughters, and he’s willing to make a match with someone he doesn’t love.  Keynsham has arranged for Thynne’s potential wife, Lady Catherine, to visit for Christmas.  He plans to assess her character and see if she’s the type of woman who would make a loving stepmother to the three girls she knows nothing about.  The girls also have a mixed heritage, which is bound to affect their position is society in years to come, so it’s crucial that Catherine be willing to support them.  Initially, Keynsham concocts a wild scheme to say that the girls are his daughters, while he observes Catherine’s interaction with them.  Catherine and Keynsham develop a strong passion for each other, but how can he possibly take away the fiancée of his friend who’s already lost so much.  A PERFECTLY RIDICULOUS CHRISTMAS is a bit of a madcap adventure, but also a warm and very satisfying holiday romance.

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