Review – A Most Unsuitable Match by Julia Justiss

About the Book:

Shunned by the ton
How will she find a husband?

Part of Sisters of Scandal: After her mother’s latest outrageous affair, innocent Prudence Lattimar has fled to Bath. With her dubious background, she must marry a man of impeccable reputation. A clergyman with a title would be perfect. And she must steer clear of Lieutenant Johnnie Trethwell—his family is as notorious as hers, no matter how funny, charming and unfailingly honourable he is!

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A Most Unsuitable Match (Sisters of Scandal Book 1)

My Review:                      

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Prudence Lattimar comes from a very scandalous family.  She and her siblings are known as the “Vraux Miscellany” due to their being sired by different fathers.  Pru’s debut has been postponed multiple times, and the latest delay is due to another scandal her mother was involved in, albeit unwittingly.  Knowing that remaining in town will only make her situation worse, Pru retreats to Bath with her Aunt Gussie.  Pru longs for a solid marriage and children, and hopes to meet someone, perhaps a clergyman, who will overlook her scandalous family, and build a life with her in the country.  If it takes Pru behaving impeccably and suppressing her natural vivaciousness, she’s willing to do that.

Lieutenant Johnnie Trethwell is a former soldier who is in Bath visiting his Aunt Pen, while recuperating from an injury.  Johnnie’s family is somewhat notorious, as well, and he has a reputation as a rake and an adventurer.  Johnnie’s plans are to find investors to support his proposed trading business, and when he’s well, that means he’ll continue traveling the world.  Throughout Johnnie’s life, it was Aunt Pen who supported him and showed him love and affection.  Now she’d like to see him marry a respectable young lady.

It’s inevitable that Pru and Johnnie meet.  Each is aware of the other’s reputation, and that it’s not beneficial, or even wise, for them to form any kind of acquaintance.  Yet, they immediately click.  Neither of them felt any need for being anything other than their true self while with the other, and Johnnie is charmed by Pru’s genuine personality.  Pru, in turn, sees the caring and honorable man behind the rakish reputation.

I love how Johnnie and Pru didn’t judge the other.  He could see that Pru’s behavior has been impeccable, and the way he defends her publicly is swoonworthy.  Though they know they each need a different type of person, they can’t help but feel a great friendship and camaraderie along with a potent attraction.  They struggle to keep their relationship just at the friend level, but some things just can’t be denied.

A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH is a lovely, heartwarming story of two people who are wrong for each other while being perfect for each other.  Their future goals are polar opposites  — she seeks a quiet life in the country while he plans to travel to faraway places.  Johnnie’s and Pru’s journey to a happy future together takes them through some self discovery, and some prejudice and treachery.  I love a hero who truly turns out to be a genuine hero, and that’s the case here.  A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH is a warm, entertaining and romantic story which I greatly enjoyed and recommend.    ~Rose

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