Review – A Lady’s Escape by A. S. Fenichel

About the Book:

The perfect match may be closer than they imagine…

Despite her disastrous London debut, Millicent Edgebrook has proven skilled at securing matches—for every young lady but herself. Resigned to spinsterhood, and eager to gain independence from her lovable but eccentric uncle, Millie joins the Everton Domestic Society. Her first assignment: find a bride for Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton. How difficult can it be to secure a match for a handsome, eligible aristocrat? As difficult, it seems, as resisting her own attraction to the duke…

Preston has promised himself not to be ruined by love. After being rebuffed by two perfectly respectable candidates, he’d rather remain happily single for the rest of his life…if only his mother would let him. Yet suddenly, he’s fantasizing about the lovely matchmaker she’s hired—the least suitable bride imaginable. Millie’s past is shrouded in scandal, and the Everton Society forbids relations between employees and clients. But even with so many obstacles against them, Preston longs to convince the woman he adores that love trumps rules every time…

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My Review:                

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Preston Knowles is a wealthy, handsome duke – so why would two young ladies turn down his marriage proposal?  While the Duke of Middleton didn’t love either of the two prospective duchesses, his pride definitely suffered, and he’d be content to stay away from courting, if not for his mother.  Determined to see her son wed, the widowed duchess contacts the Everton Domestic Society, and requests the services of a matchmaker, much to Preston’s dismay.

Millicent Edgebrook has been under the care of her kindly, but absent minded uncle, whose head is firmly ensconced in his experiments.  Now twenty five years old, Millicent feels that she’ll never marry, and she longs to have her independence.  She has had much success in introducing couples who have ended up marrying, so she decides to apply to the Everton Domestic Society, where she is hired, with the Duke of Middleton as her first client.

Preston’s reluctance fades as he quickly becomes intrigued by “his” Everton Lady.  He wonders why such a beautiful and charming lady has never married.  In order for Millicent to be successful in her task, she spends much time with Preston, some of it out at society functions, and some alone, discussing candidates.  Soon a friendship develops between them, and Millie tells Preston of her dreams to travel and help people, as well as her deep, dark secret.  It does not take long for Preston to realize that he’s found the woman he wants for his wife, but he’s careful to take things slowly, as marriage is something that is definitely not on Millie’s agenda.

Preston is such a delightful and lovable man.  His acceptance of Millie’s past, and his protectiveness toward her is wonderful to see.  He’s truly a gentleman in the best sense of the word, but he’s also a determined man in love.  I love Millicent’s courage in striking out on her own, and her desire to pursue a path that will help people.  I felt that she was far too hard on herself for an incident from her past in which she was clearly taken advantage of by an unscrupulous rogue.

A LADY’S ESCAPE is a warm and satisfying romance that heats up when Millie and Preston finally share their passion.  Even then, Millie is adamant about not being a part of Preston’s future, but this duke is just as determined that he will do whatever it takes to allow his love to pursue her dreams while becoming his wife.  I recommend this well written story for those who enjoy an honorable, sexy hero who’s not afraid to follow a different path to achieve his heart’s desire.    ~Rose


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