Review – The Devilish Lord Will by Jennifer Ashley

About the Book:

Scotland 1747

When Josette needs help finding a trove of gold believed lost in the Highlands, she turns to Will Mackenzie, the most cunning, devious, and clever man she knows. But trusting Will with her secrets is akin to trusting the devil himself.

They’ve worked together in the past, pretending to be man and wife to ferret out information, and the venture did not end well. Will is dangerous, and so is his life, and danger is not what Josette needs.

But she knows the real reason she’s avoided him is because he’s Will Mackenzie, the golden-eyed, red-haired, unpredictable man with warm hands that bring her to life. Will has more secrets than Josette ever can fathom, and the most dangerous thing of all is that he’s already stolen her heart.

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

In the aftermath of the battle of Culloden, the Mackenzie men have been declared dead, with the Kilmorgan ducal title and lands being forfeit.  In fact, the duke and three of his adult sons have survived, and are living in France.  Except for the heir, Will, who has remained in Scotland, gathering information while in disguise.  On one occasion, Will finds himself being held captive and questioned, when he is unexpectedly rescued by a woman, one he’s very familiar with.

Will first met Josette Oswald when she was a painter’s model.  For the last twelve years, they have been friends and lovers, and often, partners in Will’s schemes.  When Josette decided she could no longer be a part of that dangerous life, Will set her up with a boardinghouse in London, offering a safe haven and permanent home for Josette and her daughter.  Now, however, Josette is back, needing Will’s help in tracking down a lost treasure.

Through the many years of their association, Will and Josette have never spoken of love, though their relationship has been passionate, yet respectful.  Will has been a father figure for Glenna, Josette’s daughter, and loved her as if she were his own.  Though Josette previously came to the realization that she couldn’t continue to live this kind of life, she never tried to change Will or to tie him down.  Now it seems that Will is coming to realize on his own that he wants to settle down to a real home, with Josette by his side.  But first there’s the matter of the lost treasure, and finding a way to reclaim the lost family lands and ducal title for his family.

As Will and Josette work together, their passion for each other flares, and it’s obvious that they both deeply love the other.  I love how Will never disrespected Josette for having a child out of wedlock, or the chosen path she took as a model to support her child.  Josette had to be strong, yet she didn’t become hardened, or try to change Will to make him become what she needed.  She allowed him his freedom, and their bond finally brought them together forever.

THE DEVILISH LORD WILL is a beautiful love story about a couple who is strong, resourceful, intelligent, yet human and tender.  Their happy ever after was over a decade in the making, but was extra sweet for taking so long to achieve.  The treasure hunt added extra interest to the story, and the friends and colleagues who came together to restore the Kilmorgan title and lands to the Mackenzies was a joy to read.    ~Rose


  1. Even though it is Mackenzies & McBrides, I really considered it a new series with The Stolen Mackenzie Bride. That being said, the whole Mackenzie series, including this one, is heart wrenching, yet ultimately very romantic. Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to read this!


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