Review – The Return of Lady Jane by Jess Michaels

About the Book:

After a surprisingly passionate wedding day, Viscount Colin Wharton begins to believe he could overcome a painful betrayal in his past and truly make a future with his new wife, Jane. But a shocking betrayal crushes his heart. He sends her away, determined to forget her.

Viscountess Jane Wharton has no idea what hardened her husband’s heart to her, but she is trying to make the best of her banishment. When she returns to London, she hopes to simply avoid Colin. But that is not to be. As the couple reunites in a clash of harsh words and heated passions, both begin to wonder if they could overcome the past.

Only a secret lurks that is darker than anything either could have imagined. And they will have to fight to survive, as well as fight for the love they both deserve.

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Colin, Viscount Wharton, has just celebrated his marriage to Jane in a most passionate and satisfying manner.  This encounter gives Colin hope that perhaps he and Jane will eventually come to love each other and have the kind of marriage he’s always longed for.  The newlyweds put themselves to rights, and return to their wedding celebration and guests.  Later, Colin ventures outside, only to see his new bride in the arms of her former suitor, sharing a kiss.  Because Colin was burned in a previous relationship, he’s already wary of betrayal.  He doesn’t want to hear any lies, excuses, or false explanations, so he just banishes Jane to his country home, without giving her any reasons.

Jane is shocked that her new husband is sending her away, especially after the interlude they shared.  Colin refused to discuss his decision, and Jane had no choice but to leave.  All her letters to Colin are unanswered, and Jane wonders if she’ll ever know the reason for her exile.  Six months later, Jane’s sister, Alice, gives birth, and Jane decides that she will return to town to stay with her.  She will not contact Colin, and he hopefully won’t even know she’s there.

Of course Colin finds out almost immediately that Jane has returned.  Surprisingly, he insists that she stay at their home, and act the part of the happy wife.  Colin’s anger and hurt hasn’t abated, but neither has his passion.  Though he despises his wife’s betrayal, he can’t help but desire her more than ever.  Jane also desires Colin, but she’s not going to be a pushover.  She needs answers, and she’s prepared to make Colin work for her love.

There’s an old saying about believing half of what you see and none of what you hear.  Had Colin not been so wounded by a previous rejection, his reaction to his wife’s perceived betrayal may not have been so severe.  I guessed early on that there was an outsider who had nefarious reasons for not wanting their marriage to work.  By preying on Colin’s insecurities, this person was almost successful in destroying a burgeoning love.

I know that Colin had been badly hurt previously, but I couldn’t help but wish he’d handled the situation with Jane differently.  He let his pride become more important than his marriage.  When the truth comes out, he beautifully tries to atone for his horrible mistake, and I forgave him.  I give Jane credit for continuing to try to make her marriage work.  I don’t know that I would have been able to keep writing to a man who wouldn’t respond.  To me, this showed that she was committed to Colin and their marriage.

THE RETURN OF LADY JANE is a short and entertaining read, though I was greatly frustrated by Colin’s actions.  I think it’s easy early on to discover who the snake in their paradise is, but he/she does end up getting the punishment they deserve.  I found Colin’s way of trying to make things right totally swoonworthy, and that made everything worthwhile.    ~Rose


  1. I liked this one but I think that it could have been a full length novel, if only to give the circumstances and their relationship time to heal. It felt a little too quick for me. That kind of betrayal (Jane) doesn’t heal overnight no matter how much you love someone.

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