Review – Reunited With His Long Lost Cinderella by Laura Martin

About the Book:

The Society lady

And the return of her first love…

Part of Scandalous Australian Bachelors. When widow Lady Francesca attends a masquerade ball, she’s shocked to meet Ben Crawford again. She’d loved him once, before her awful marriage, before he’d been transported to Australia as a convict. Ben is now a wealthy landowner, and his contempt of her burns almost as strong as their attraction. She knows he believes she betrayed him—so she must put the past right, before it’s too late…

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Lady Francesca Somersham and Ben Crawford were the best of friends eighteen years ago when they were children.  Ben’s father was steward for Francesca’s father,  and  the children had wonderful times playing on the estate, until Ben was falsely accused of theft.  Though Francesca bravely stood up for Ben, the authorities paid no attention to the testimony of a child, especially a girl.  At only twelve years of age, Ben was transported to Australia, and his father lost his position.

Ben had some rough years, but managed to end up working for a wealthy and kind land owner, who made a gift of some land to Ben.  Through his hard work and intelligence, Ben has now become a wealthy land owner in his own right.  He has returned to England with his friends, Sam and George, and hopes to reconnect with his father and his younger brothers.  Over the years, he has never forgotten Francesca, and often wonders what became of his young friend.

Francesca, now twenty-eight, is in half mourning, and just returning to society after the death of her husband of seven years.  The marriage was arranged by her father, and was not a happy one.  Since her husband didn’t adequately provide for her, she had no choice but return to her childhood home.  Her awful father is planning another marriage for her to oafish Lord Huntley as soon as she is completely out of mourning, and of course it will be financially beneficial to him.  Over the years, she often thought about Ben, as well, feeling guilty that she couldn’t do more to prevent his being arrested and transported.

Ben and Francesca are reunited at a social function, though Ben keeps his identity a secret at first.  Soon enough, they rekindle their friendship and find that there’s now an element of attraction between them.  Knowing that she’ll soon be forced into another unwanted marriage, Francesca is willing to pursue a short term physical relationship, but Ben is hesitant and confused about their future.  The more time they spend together, the more they realize that their feelings aren’t fleeting, and that they must find a way to be together.

REUNITED WITH HIS LONG LOST CINDERELLA is a warm romance which has such a sad backstory about an innocent child being falsely accused and torn away from his family and sent to a foreign land.  His accuser is a vile, selfish, and evil person, who only cared for his own schemes.  I love Ben’s strength, and how he was able to overcome such a tragedy to become the man he is now.  His reunion and reconciliation with his family is heartwarming.  Though born to wealth and privilege, Francesca’s own destiny was out of her control, and she allowed herself to remain under her father’s thumb.  It takes a strong love to finally give her the courage to defy him and pursue her own happy ever after.  This book is part of the SCANDALOUS AUSTRALIAN BACHELORS series, but can easily be read as a standalone.  I believe it will appeal to readers who enjoy friends-to-lovers, as well as seeing a horrible miscarriage of justice turn out for good.    ~Rose

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