Review – A Rogue Meets a Scandalous Lady by Jennifer Ashley

About the Book:

David Fleming, Hart Mackenzie’s right-hand man, seeks refuge with an old mentor only to find the mentor’s beautiful niece, Sophie, has sought sanctuary as well. In the quiet spaces of the countryside, David finds some peace from his reprobate existence but now faces a new problem–he’s falling for Sophie, Lady Devonport, a lady with a scandalous secret.

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

As A ROGUE MEETS A SCANDALOUS LADY opens, the hero, David Fleming is acting anything but heroic.  He’s more than three sheets to the wind and involved in a duel with a gentleman who’s convinced David has been dallying with his wife.  In this instance, David is innocent of everything but a mild flirtation, but the situation escalates to such a point that charges are filed, and David is advised to leave town until things cool down.  David flees to Shropshire to visit his long time friend, Lucas Pierson, a vicar with a passion for archaeology.

Also visiting the vicar is his niece, Lady Devonport, who is embroiled in a scandal through no fault of her own.  Sophie has been unable to produce a child for her husband, the earl, and since her dowry has long been spent, he has decided to obtain a divorce, painting his innocent wife as a blatant adulteress.  Unable to face society’s censure due to her husband’s lies, Sophie chose to live quietly with her uncle until her future is decided.

David has indeed been a rogue.  As best friend and right hand man to the powerful duke, Hart Mackenzie, he is very well versed in schemes, deals, intrigue, and scandal.  He is able to tell right away that Sophie is innocent of her husband’s outrageous claims.  As the days pass, and the alcohol leaves his system, David and Sophie work with Lucas on his quest to find some significant archaeological ruins.  David becomes intrigued with his beautiful, but sad companion, while Sophie sees the kind and caring man beneath the outward roguish demeanor.

David once believed himself to be in love, but it never worked out, so he has since lived a dissipated life.  What he feels now for Sophie is unlike anything he’s felt before, even that devastating first love.  He’s determined to use his connections and all his cunning to save Sophie from the disastrous situation she’s in.  He’ll see that she’s free to live the life she chooses, free of any scandal.  Unfortunately, his own problems escalate, as it seems the earl he was dueling with is determined to see David thrown into jail.  Ironically, Sophie is not above a little scheming of her own, and devises a plan to ensure that David is not imprisoned.

I could not believe how much I came to love David.  As the layers of his personality were slowly peeled away, they revealed a man who believes himself to have no value, yet he cares deeply and does much good for others.  His longing for Sophie is so poignant, and his love so strong, that he truly puts her happiness above everything else.  He wants her to love him more than anything he’s ever wanted before, yet he’s sure she couldn’t possibly return his feelings.  But he can’t help hoping….

Sophie is a delight, and a perfect match for David.  She offers him love and acceptance, and doesn’t want to change him.  She sees underneath to his true heart and brings him genuine happiness and a solution to his restlessness.  And it seems that Sophie has a bit of a roguish side, too.

A ROGUE MEETS A SCANDALOUS LADY is a wonderful romance with characters I truly connected with.  David’s insecurity was so poignant and intense, and it touched me deeply.  The start to their happy ever after is so joyfully written that I was no doubt grinning from ear to ear.  I always love to visit with the Mackenzie family, and Eleanor plays a significant role in this story. If you haven’t read any of the previous books, you can absolutely read A ROGUE MEETS A SCANDALOUS LADY as a standalone.  (But if you haven’t read the previous books — WHY NOT?)  I love the romance between this couple so much, and am still enjoying a fabulous book hangover a day later.    ~Rose


  1. Lovely review, Rose. This is another series I have fallen behind with and really need to catch up.. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Ashley at the HistoricalRomance Retreat last year.

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    • Thank you, Carol. Jennifer Ashley is another one of those “drop everything else and start reading” authors for me, and the extended Mackenzie world is my favorite series of hers.

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