Review – The Highlander’s Christmas Quest by Anna Campbell

About the Book:

She’s found the man for her, but he has no plans to stay on her island. Perhaps it’s time to try a little sabotage!

Scotland. 1725. The moment she sees handsome Dougal Drummond, Kirsty Macbain tumbles headlong into love. A chance storm a few days before Christmas has blown the gallant Highlander off-course to her father’s isle of Askaval, but once he’s repaired his boat, Dougal is determined to continue on his way. His bright blue eyes are firmly fixed on valiant deeds and a distant horizon. What does he care for a smart-mouthed, independent lassie who forms no part of his plans for his future?

Kirsty is convinced that if only she can keep Dougal on Askaval, he’ll see how perfect they are together. With his boat out of action, he’s trapped in her company. Some surreptitious midnight destruction with a drill and a hammer might help true love to win out. On the other hand, if Dougal discovers what she’s been up to, there will be the devil to pay.

Will this madcap Christmas deliver Kirsty’s heart’s desire – or will her scheming see Dougal sailing away to a life without her?

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Dougal Drummond feels as if he’s living in the wrong time.  Thanks to his intelligent laird, there is peace among the clans.  Dougal craves adventure and excitement – perhaps fighting for his clan, or for a lady.  But there are no battles to be fought.  When Dougal hears the story of Fair Ellen, a beautiful young lady rumored to be held captive by her cruel father, he decides to set off to rescue her.  Maybe Fair Ellen will even be swept away and fall in love with him when he sets her free.  Dougal hastily sets out in a small boat, only to be battered by a severe winter storm.  He and his damaged boat are blown severely off course, and limp into the island of Askaval.

Kirsty Macbain is shocked to see the stranger, as very few visitors come to her island home.  She approaches him to offer assistance, and upon her first full glance at his face, she falls instantly in love.  Kirsty is the daughter of the laird, and takes Dougal to meet her father, who offers the hospitality of his home, and an invitation to stay for Christmas, which is only a few short days away.  Much to Kirsty’s dismay, Dougal is adamant that he must leave as soon as he can make the repairs to his boat.

Kirsty hopes that Dougal may fall in love with her if he only allowed himself the chance to know her.  While she helps Dougal repair his boat during the daytime, she sneaks back at night to cause some other damage which will delay his departure.  Dougal is impressed with Kirsty’s abilities, and, truth be told, he secretly finds her attractive.  However, a man on a mission can’t be swayed from his course, and he’s determined to set off to Fair Ellen’s rescue.

When Dougal finds out that Kirsty has been sabotaging his boat, he is furious.  Her tear filled apology and her confession of love don’t move him.  He now believes her to be a deceitful schemer, and can’t get away from Askaval Island soon enough.  Will he calm down enough to realize that Kirsty’s feelings are genuine?  Will he realize that he harbors feelings of his own for Kirsty?  And what about Fair Ellen?  What if it’s true that the story is just that – a myth?

THE HIGHLANDER’S CHRISTMAS QUEST is a short and sweet story of Dougal, an impulsive and idealistic young man who has his heart in the right place, but may not make the best decisions.  Kirsty is also very young, but she’s capable, and not afraid to go after her heart’s desire.  Recommended for fans of love at first sight, and those who enjoy some Christmas magic which brings this couple together on a path to happy ever after.    ~Rose

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