Review – Fire and Frost by Jude Knight, Rue Allyn, Caroline Warfield, Sherry Ewing, and Amy Quinton

About the Book:

In a winter so cold the Thames freezes over, five couples venture onto the ice in pursuit of love to warm their hearts.

Love unexpected, rekindled, brand new or rediscovered—even one that’s a whack on the side of the head—heats up the winter. After weeks of fog and cold all five stories converge on the ice at the 1814 Frost Fair when the ladies’ campaign to help the wounded and unemployed veterans of the Napoleonic wars culminates in a charity auction that shocks the the high sticklers of the ton.

In their 2020 collection, join the Bluestocking Belles and their heroes and heroines as The Ladies’ Society For The Care of the Widows and Orphans of Fallen Heroes and the Children of Wounded Veterans pursues justice, charity, and soul searing romance.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020 with five interconnected Regency romances.

Melting Matilda by Jude Knight – Fire smolders under the frost between them.
My One True Love by Rue Allyn – She vanished into the fog. Will he find his one true love or remain lost, cold and alone forever?
Lord Ethan’s Courage by Caroline Warfield – War may freeze a man’s heart; it takes a woman to melt it.
A Second Chance at Love by Sherry Ewing – Can the bittersweet frost of lost love be rekindled into a burning flame?
The Umbrella Chronicles: Chester and Artemis’s Story by Amy Quinton – Beastly duke seeks confident woman who doesn’t faint at the sight of his scars. Prefers not to leave the house to find her.

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My Thoughts:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

A Bluestocking Belles Collection – five short stories, all taking place at the same time, during the Frost Fair.  Many of the characters cross stories, with my favorite being the duchess, who seemed to have a heart big enough to encompass the world, and a home that welcomed all who needed shelter.  This is my first sample of work by all of the authors, and I was impressed with their writing.  It’s clear that some of these characters have appeared in previous books, but I didn’t feel lost.  I thoroughly enjoyed this quality collection, and look forward to delving into some of their full length novels.    ~Rose


Matilda “Tilda” is the illegitimate daughter of a duke, who has been taken into his household by his duchess as her ward.  Having had to endure the sly comments of society on the status of her birth, Tilda has lived an exemplary life, striving to be a true lady.  Her actions have caused her to be dubbed as the Ice Queen.  At a previous meeting, Charles, Earl of Hamner, and Tilda shared a kiss, after which Charles made a point of avoiding her.  Charles felt that Tilda’s birth made her unacceptable as a possible wife, so he decided to not pursue the attraction he felt.  Now Charles has begun to see things differently, and is ashamed of his unjust feelings.  He begins to court Tilda in earnest.  MELTING MATILDA is a sweet romance which shows that Tilda isn’t made of ice at all, and the “Granite Earl” does have a heart.



Trevor, Earl of Trehallow, returns from serving his country for three years, to find that his dear childhood friend, Mary Percival Cummins, “Percy,” is no longer engaged, and is, in fact, disgraced.  It seems that the light has gone out of her eyes, and she’s reluctant to tell Trevor exactly what happened.  Though Trevor has been secretly in love with Percy forever, and he now has a second chance to try to win her love, Percy is just as determined not to bring Trevor into her disgrace.  Little does Trevor know that Percy has always loved him, too, but accepted the match her father engineered, not knowing that Trevor returned her feelings.  MY OWN TRUE LOVE is a warm story of a determined man, who won’t stop until he finds answers and gains his true love.



Lord Ethan Alcott, the second son of a marquess, has returned from the war badly damaged in body and spirit.  He is in such despair, that he’s chosen to live in the streets, suffering from cold and starvation, rather than return home to his life of luxury.  A chance encounter with Lady Flora Landrum, who had been handing out food to homeless soldiers, sets off a chain of events which eventually leads to Ethan’s return to his family, and puts him on the road back to health.  Flora’s inspiration allows Ethan to face his guilt and fears, and to find love and healing.  LORD ETHAN’S COURAGE is a poignant and touching story of loss, redemption, and love.



Digby and Constance were in love two years ago, and well on the way to becoming betrothed, when Digby’s father sent him away.  His parting from Constance was abrupt and painful.  Now, Digby is back, and eager to make amends.  He’s thrilled to find that Constance appears to have forgiven him, and seems willing to resume their friendship, only there’s another man in her life, one who’s determined to have Constance for himself.  A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE is a sweet story, as well as being one of my favorite tropes.  The details of Digby’s two year absence could have been fleshed out a bit, but the reconciliation of the two former lovers was very satisfying.



Chester Mansfield, “Chess,” the Duke of Eastly prefers to stay away from society.  Though he doesn’t care what people say about his scars, he would just rather avoid all the nonsense.  When his sister begs for his help for her friend, Artemis, Chess gives in and makes a public appearance.  Chess had been led to believe that Artemis was a shy mouse, when in fact, she’s bold, opinionated, and not afraid to speak up.  That’s just the kind of woman Chess has always longed for.  When Artemis doesn’t appear to be repulsed by his scars, and seems to also feel the intense attraction between them, it looks like the reclusive duke may have found his match at last.  I love grumpy, beastly heroes who hide hearts of gold, and heroines who aren’t shallow enough to be put off by some scars.  THE UMBRELLA CHRONICLES is my favorite story of this collection, and it left me smiling.


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