Review – A Lady’s Addiction by Angelina Jameson

About the Book:

Anna, a widow battling alcohol addiction, is convinced she is worthless unless she bears a child. Devlyn, sterile from an accident, has returned to England from an assignment for the Foreign Office. Anna and Devlyn join forces to protect an innocent child from a blackmailer. Can they come to terms not only with their feelings for each other but whether they will allow society to dictate the true significance of life?

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

A LADY’S ADDICTION interestingly begins with widowed Lady Anna Stafford seeking a tryst with a stranger to determine if, in fact, she’s truly “Lady Ice,” as her deceased husband called her.  When she mistakes Devlyn Maitlin for her would-be lover, he’s intrigued and tempted.  He’s also a gentleman, and realizes that Anna has had too much wine, and he’s not about to take advantage of a woman not completely in control.  He reluctantly leaves, hoping to meet up with Anna in more favorable circumstances sometime in the future.

Devlyn is back from a diplomatic assignment on the continent.  Aside from wanting to find his place in the world, he’s been tasked by his mother to investigate some shady goings on by his sister-in-law, Millicent.  It seems that there is some connection which may lead to Anna being involved, so his inquiries will allow him to follow up on his acquaintance with the lady he met under very unusual circumstances.

Anna’s marriage was one of convenience, and not very happy.  She found that she was able to drown her misery in wine, which she began drinking to excess, and which led to her addiction today.  As Anna comes to accept the fact that she is addicted, she also realizes that all she wants is a contented marriage and children.  She takes the bold step of weaning herself away from liquor, and the agonizing symptoms of withdrawal are vividly portrayed.

A LADY’S ADDICTION is a steamy romance with a lot happening.  Anna and Devlyn have a sizzling chemistry, but will that be enough for Anna?  Treachery and blackmail are the backdrop for this couple, who are each battling their past, though in different ways.  Devlyn has to live with an action he took which had severe consequences, and affects his desired future with Anna.  Will she be successful in conquering her dependence on alcohol?  Will she accept a future that may not give her everything her heart desires?  This compelling story has a definite twist at the very end, one which had me raising an eyebrow and thinking – Oh, boy, this could open up a can of worms!  I recommend A LADY’S ADDICTION for readers who enjoy some heat, as well as mystery and serious subject matter in their romance.    ~Rose

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