Review – Kisses and Scandal by Shana Galen

About the Book:

You’ve met the men of the wildly popular Survivors series. Now meet the charming friends and relatives who walk the streets of London with them. Kisses and Scandal features three exciting novellas set in the Survivors’ world, including one never-before-published story.

Kisses and Scandal
Lady Philomena is the sister of the Duke of Mayne. She’s beautiful and sought-after, but she’s made the mistake of falling in love with… the footman. James Finnegan loves his lady but has a secret that won’t only break Philomena’s heart. It just might endanger her life.

Counterfeit Scandal (Previously published in Mrs. Brodie’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies)
Now that Bridget Lavery is free from debtor’s prison, she wants to reunite with the son she had to give up. Caleb Harris is a man with a price on his head. Before he left for the war, he and Bridget had a passionate affair. Finding her again means everything to him, but loving her might just be too perilous for either of them.

How to Brew a Perfect Kiss  (Previously published in Bachelors of Bond Street)
Raeni Sawyer is penniless and alone in a foreign country. When she finds a job at a coffee shop on Bond Street, she hopes it’s the beginning of a new life. Thomas Gaines is intrigued by his new server—until she spills coffee all over him. Despite her clumsiness, he sees her potential to be more. But will Raeni’s treacherous past ruin their bright future?

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Kisses and Scandal:  Lady Philomena is being pressured by her mother to wed soon, and to wed well.  As the daughter of a duke, Phil is expected to choose a high ranking member of the nobility, and to not worry about something as insignificant as love.  There is only one problem – Phil is already in love.  Unfortunately, the object of her affection is one of the family’s footmen, a romance that will never be tolerated if they are found out.

Irishman James Finnegan grew up in poverty.  His seeking employment in Philomena’s household was an act of desperation, and one that was a cover for James’s true ulterior motive.  What James never expected was to fall in love, or, shockingly, to have his love returned.

KISSES AND SCANDAL is a very unique story, as when different classes fall in love, it’s typically the woman who’s in a subservient position.  There’s no nobleman in disguise here, posing as a servant, as James is truly as he appears to be.  (With the exception of that pesky ulterior motive, of course.)  James seems to me to be a desperate young man, who made an unwise choice with the best of intentions.  As he slowly fell in love, he became Phil’s protector, determined to keep her safe, even from himself.  Phil doesn’t care anything for wealth and titles, but will her feelings change once she learns James’s secret?  Is there any chance her family would even allow such a misalliance to happen?  This couple generates plenty of steam in this entertaining journey to love in seemingly impossible circumstances.    ~Rose

Note – only Kisses and Scandal is reviewed here.  The other two novellas have been, or will be, reviewed separately.

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