Review – A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple

Dashing and disreputable…

Now, he’s back in Society’s ballrooms!

Whispers of Captain Kit Carrington—now Lord Westford—have long scandalised the ton…so his arrival at the season’s most-anticipated ball sends society’s gossips into a frenzy!

Miss Genevieve Maitland needs his help to find an eligible match for her sister but assumes he’ll be reluctant to help the family that rejected him. Yet after one spine tingling waltz with Kit, sensible Genny finds he’s not her opponent—but a very tempting ally…!

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Captain Christopher “Kit” Carrington has become the Earl of Westford after the death of his grandfather and the heir, his cousin.  Kit has always been somewhat disparaged by many members of his family due to his maternal family connections, and is therefore basically thumbing his nose at the title.  He continued on with his career as a privateer, and has only returned to town to attend his younger half-sister’s wedding.  He is reluctant to even stay at the family home, choosing to stay aboard his docked ship until the wedding, then leaving shortly after.  Lady Westford, his dragon of a grandmother, has been riding roughshod over his stepmother and the others living in the family home, as she tries to maintain control of all her relations.

Genevieve “Genny” Maitland is living in the Westford house due to her sister, Serena, who is the widow of the former heir.  Genny is a capable, managing type of woman, the only one who seems able to get around Lady Westford.  Genny knows Kit from years ago, when he served under her grandfather.  Even back then as a teenager, she had the knack of organizing.  At the present time, Genny would love to see her still-grieving sister remarry, but more than anything, she wants to get Serena away from Lady Westford, and into her own residence.  In order to accomplish this, she makes a devil’s bargain with Lady Westford, agreeing to manipulate things to bring Kit back into the home, and to see one of Lady Westford’s grandsons get married.

As Genny begins her machinations, Kit is drawn into attending some social functions, as well as back to the family home.  His relationship with his grandmother is adversarial, as they barely tolerate each other, yet they put on a thin veneer of courtesy to try to fool society.  Kit recognizes that Genny is a force to be reckoned with in his home, as she seems to have everyone dancing to her tune.  He’s torn between admiration for her and an aversion to her managing ways, as she is seemingly even capable of having him bow to her wishes.  What he doesn’t count on is his attraction, one that’s impossible to act upon, as he fully intends to return to his ship after his sister’s wedding.

A MATCH FOR THE REBELLIOUS EARL is a book which truly epitomizes the phrase, “It’s complicated.”  The Westford household is not a happy one, with its grieving widows, unhappy grandsons, and absent lord.  Genny resents Kit’s continued absence, as much of the earldom is in disarray, yet she can’t deny that she’s terribly attracted to him also.  Their relationship varies from cold to hot, from reluctant admiration to criticism and contentiousness.  As their feelings for each other grow stronger, different sides of their personalities begin to show.  Genny reveals a softer and gentler side, one that I was very happy to see, as her manipulations initially left me cold.  Kit shows a romantic streak beneath his tough exterior, and finally begins to take care of neglected family responsibilities.  Their coming together is breathtaking and passionate, while the ending is everything a romance should be.    ~Rose

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