Review – The Cinderella Heiress by Janice Preston

About the Book:

She’s inherited a fortune

But will she realize her true worth?

Claiming her inheritance in London will help Beatrice Fothergill escape her bullying, belittling half brother. When her carriage overturns, dashing Waterloo soldier Jack Kingswood comes to her aid—setting her pulse racing! In return, believing her new fortune can help the injured veteran rebuild his life, Beatrice proposes a convenient marriage. But is this all she can offer—or dare Beatrice believe she’s worthy of more?

Lady Tregowan’s Will – Three penniless half sisters. An unexpected inheritance. A year to wed.

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Jack King is the younger, twin brother of Kit, the current Marquess Quantock.  When their father was alive, both of the boys suffered from his cruelty.  The former marquess insisted that Jack make his career in the church, something Jack felt was not his calling.  Jack wanted to be a soldier, and without his father’s financial support, he joined the army as a lowly enlisted man.  On his own merit, he raised to the rank of captain, and fought valiantly at the Battle of Waterloo.  Jack lost the lower part of his left arm, and returned home to heal.  With his father now dead, Jack initially basked in his older brother’s care, but soon began to feel stifled.  While Jack appreciates Kit’s love and generosity, he feels the need to be his own man, and make his own way in the world.  He just doesn’t yet know quite how.

Beatrice Fothergill is orphaned, and dependent upon her half-brother’s charity.  Truth be told, it’s not charity, as Bea works harder than any servant, being constantly at the beck and call of her sister-in-law, Fenella.  Bea receives a letter which requires her presence at the office of a London solicitor, and hints that it’s to her own benefit that she appear.  Bea has to sneak away because of her brother’s strict rules, and attends the meeting which shatters what she thought she knew about her life.  It seems that the man she believed to be her father, was not.  She is the daughter of the deceased Lord Tregowan, and has two half sisters.  The newly acquainted siblings have been gifted a sizable inheritance to be shared by the three of them, provided they meet certain conditions.  Bea returns home, knowing she’s going to face her brother’s (who it seems is not even a half brother) wrath, and trying to devise a plan to let her escape his home.  An accident with the carriage she was traveling in leads to an unexpected meeting with Jack.

Jack’s kindness impresses Beatrice, and as he drives her home, she confesses part of her story.  They part ways, not expecting to meet again, though both continue to think about the other.  Bea’s (not really) brother, Percy, is furious at her vanishing for the better part of a day, and severely punishes her.  Bea tries to develop a plan to leave, but somehow, the paperwork detailing her inheritance falls into his hands.  Percy, sensing a new opportunity, develops a nefarious plan to keep her fortune “in the family.”  Meanwhile, Jack is determined to move to London, much to his brother’s displeasure.  The little that Jack shared with Kit about his meeting with Bea has convinced Kit that she is a fortune hunter.  Fate decides to throw them into each other’s path again.

I love the characters of Jack and Bea so much!  Both have been bullied by cruel relatives, yet they have turned out to be kind and compassionate people.  Bea has been browbeaten, told she’s stupid, and made to feel worthless, while working her fingers to the bone.  Jack is a victim of his own self doubt, feeling that he is now less than a whole man, and feeling that no woman could ever desire him.  They have a chemistry and a connection that brings out their strengths, yet each believes the other could not possibly want them.  It was wonderful to see Bea slowly transform, as she gains some poise and confidence.  It’s obvious that she is not the least bit stupid, just a kind soul who loves to please.  Jack regains some of his own confidence when it becomes clear that Bea truly desires him, and, in her eyes, he is a complete and wholly enticing man.  Jack also becomes a hero once again as he helps Bea escape the clutches of her former family.  THE CINDERELLA HEIRESS is a warm and beautifully written romance, bringing a happy ending to two most deserving people.  I loved reading this book, and recommend it for readers who enjoy characters who overcome obstacles, while working their way to a satisfying and genuine love.    ~Rose

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