Review – A Gentleman Will Never Forget a Lady by Emily Windsor

A Gentleman Will Never Forget a Lady

About the Book:

Get swept away this winter to romantic rugged Wales…

Having lost her beloved to a storm at sea, Lady Gwen Evans is planning a life of travel to foreign lands, writing books on her adventures. 
But will the arrival of a dark, scarred stranger one December’s eve disrupt all her plans…

Please note: This book is best read as a sequel to Book Two in this series: A Governess Should Never… Deny a Duke


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About the Author:

Emily Windsor grew up in the north of England on a diet of historical romance and strong tea.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t study Regency slang, so she did the next best thing and gained a degree in Classics and History instead. This ‘led’ to an eight-year stint in engineering.

Having left city life, she now lives in a dilapidated farmhouse where her days are spent writing, fixing the leaky roof, battling the endless vegetation and finding pictures of well-tied cravats.

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My Review:

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I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Reviewed by Rose 3Gwen Evans, the daughter of an earl, is making plans to travel the world, have some adventures, and do her best to shake off the grief she’s been experiencing for the last sixteen months.  Though Gwen had a happy childhood and lives a privileged life, she has never found love.  That is, until her relationship with childhood friend and neighbor, Tristan, suddenly changed.  Tristan has been widowed for several years, and recently found that as he spends more time with Gwen, their friendship has taken a new turn.  When a passionate kiss finally happens, both Gwen and Tristan feel that they have found the love and happiness they long for.  Then tragedy happens as Tristan is lost at sea in a storm.  Pieces of the wreckage of his boat wash ashore, and all of the searches to find him are unsuccessful.  His grieving family accepts that he has died, while Gwen mourns privately, as no one else knew of their new love.

Though badly injured, Tristan did, indeed, survive.  His wounds include a head injury which left him with no memory of who he is.  As his body heals, he works as a shipbuilder.  A chance encounter with a man from his previous life reveals who he is, and the memories come flooding back – all except for the last two years.  Tristan slowly makes his way home, and reunites with his overjoyed twin brother, daughter, and friend and neighbor, Gwen, who soon realizes that he doesn’t remember their budding romance.

A GENTLEMAN WILL NEVER FORGET A LADY is such an emotional story, as the reader experiences Tristan’s struggles to fit back into a life he can’t fully remember.  His brother, Rhys, is wracked with guilt, feeling that he should have continued searching for Tristan, rather than accepting his death.  Tristan’s daughter, Mari, now coddles him, fearing that he will disappear again.  His one rock seems to be his friend, Gwen, who seems instinctively to know how to make things right.  I could feel Gwen’s heartbreak, as she tried to hide her true feelings, realizing that Tristan might never gain back his memory, or possibly, that his feelings have changed.

There are always tropes that appeal, and A GENTLEMAN WILL NEVER FORGET A LADY manages to include two of my very favorites in one book – friends-to-lovers, and amnesia.  Gwen and Tristan are wonderful characters, and their interrupted romance made for a poignant and touching read.  Emily Windsor continues to write beautiful stories, and I was totally captivated by this one, as Tristan and Gwen found their way back to each other.  I love the warmth, the family connections, and the satisfying resolution, which occurs during the Christmas holiday, the season of miracles.  Highly recommended.   ~Rose

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