The Twelve Days of Seduction by Maire Claremont

Twelve days

4 Stars

Reviewed by Blue

Adriana Flint was born the granddaughter of an earl, but is forced to earn her own living because her mother was cast out by her parents when she married beneath her station.  She is a published author, but that doesn’t allow her enough money to live on, so she also works as a governess to a young girl she has come to love deeply.  Just as Adriana begins to feel secure in her position, her charge’s guardian, the duke, discovers the truth about her identity and threatens to throw her out of his household.

Alexander, the duke, has always noticed how attractive Adriana was, but he believed that it was improper for him to become involved with his ward’s governess.  Now, however, since she has been deceiving him, he feels he can proposition her.  He tells her she can stay, but only as his mistress.  In turn, Adriana agrees, but only if he can seduce her during the twelve days of Christmas.

As the seduction begins, we find that Alexander is not quite so conventional, and that Adriana is very honorable, despite her checkered past.  The seduction quickly turns to love and leads to a satisfying happy ever after.  This is a quick and enjoyable read, and I recommend it.

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