Along Came a Rogue by Anna Harrington – Review, Excerpt and Giveaway


About ALONG CAME A ROGUE (Book 2 in The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, out now!)

Major Nathaniel Grey is free to bed whomever he wants, whenever he chooses, and that’s exactly how he likes it. His only loyalties are to country and the two friends he served with-brothers he’d do anything for. So when one of them is gravely injured and asking for his little sister, Grey will move heaven and earth to bring her home. He’s greeted not by the gangly girl he remembers, but a stunningly beautiful woman holding a loaded musket. And he’s utterly captivated by her . . .

Once upon a time, Emily would have loved nothing more than a stolen hour with her brother’s best friend, the dashing officer who captured her heart and soul.  But things are different now-and so is she. Gone is the eager young woman who believed in love. In her place is a widow weighed down with secrets who desperately needs to disappear before they’re revealed. But Grey’s sinfully sexy smile offers protection unlike anything she’s ever known, tempting her to risk everything . . . even her heart.

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Harrington_Along Came a Rogue_MMREAD AN EXCERPT:

Emily leaned against the wall and squeezed her eyes shut as she struggled to calm both her racing heart and her swirling mind.

Captain Nathaniel Grey…Impossible!

Yet here he was. The man she still remembered so vividly from his visit to Ivy Glen when she was sixteen…those chocolate eyes that crinkled when he laughed, that mouth that grinned so charmingly, and that thick, unruly blond hair curling at his neck. His body was broader now, the hard muscles of his chest and shoulders much more developed, but those eyes were the same, so were the chiseled lines of his handsome face.

Grey. She could hardly believe it. Thomas had sent him to her after all these years, and he’d appeared like some dashing knight in shining armor. Yet as she fought back a sob of anguish, she knew she had no choice but to chase him away.

With grim resolve, she pushed herself away from the wall and hurried downstairs to the kitchen to find Yardley.

The woman had been with her for the past two years, arriving just after Andrew brought her to Snowden, when he decided the maid who had attended Emily since her debut was disrespectful to him and replaced her. Emily had been devastated. But the older woman was kind and gentle, and now Yardley was the only person in the world she trusted with her secrets.

“My lady.” Yardley nodded as Emily entered the kitchen, putting together a tray to take upstairs to the men.

“We’re having guests for the night,” Emily told her unhappily.

Yardley’s hand froze in mid-air as she placed a saucer on the tray. “Is that wise?”

“I don’t believe we have a choice.” She frowned as she looked down at the shortbread on the tray. Five years ago, Grey had raved about Cook’s cinnamon biscuits. If she had known he was coming, she would have made some for him. Yet perhaps it was better not to make him feel too welcome, not when her primary goal now was to drive him away.

“And who are they, my lady?”

“Major Nathaniel Grey and his man.” Emily hesitated. How on earth did one describe Grey? “The major is…an old family friend.”

But he was far more than that. Even at sixteen, she’d realized how special Grey was. Dashing and kind, he possessed a fierce determination to carve out a brilliant career for himself and a handsome presence that caught the ladies’ attentions. With her, though, he’d simply captured her heart. Yet to her chagrin, he’d paid her no more mind than a piece of furniture…until that one afternoon in the garden.

“A family friend, eh?” The suspicious glance Yardley gave her as she placed a teacup onto the saucer told her that the woman didn’t believe her.

“It’s not what you think.” Yet she couldn’t stop the blush of embarrassment heating her cheeks.

The last time she’d seen him, the very last time—Heavens, she’d been so foolish! She’d asked him to give her a kissing lesson so she would know what to do with suitors…or some such silly nonsense she barely remembered now. Yet her manipulation worked, and he’d kissed her. It had been the most magical moment of her young life, until her parents stumbled upon them. Amid angry shouts and accusations, Grey left Ivy Glen, with Thomas riding away after him. And two days later, she was sent to boarding school where her parents hoped to keep her away from “upstarts” like the captain.

“Major Grey served with my brother in the wars,” she explained, with more pride than she had a right to feel. Even after suffering the consequences of what she’d done that day, she couldn’t forget him and followed him the best she could through Thomas’s letters—her heart soaring with his heroics, laughing at his antics, even crying when he’d been wounded. She’d been so upset, in fact, that she wrote to his parents to assure them that he had friends in her family, only for the letters to return undelivered. “I trust him.” I think…

Yardley removed the water from the stove and poured it into the teapot, giving Emily a wary look “Why do I suspect there’s more you’re not telling?”

She bit her lip and divulged with embarrassment, “When I was a girl, I fancied him.”

Yardley paused as she set the teapot onto the tray.

“It’s nothing to worry about now,” she insisted. She shrugged it away as the childish infatuation it was.

But it wasn’t childish infatuation which had just made her curl her hands around his lapels and attempt to pull him closer, that had her pulse racing and her body tingling in the most intimate places—

Silently, she cursed herself. It wasn’t Grey that made her behave like such a cake. It couldn’t possibly be him. Certainly, she’d gotten over her fascination with him years ago.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Rose 3MY REVIEW:                                                         Major Nathaniel Grey’s life is going just the way he likes it.  After enjoying another typical, meaningless encounter with a woman who means nothing to him, Grey’s satisfaction is short lived when he learns that one of his dearest friends has been shot, and is not expected to live.  Against the odds, Thomas  survives, and begs Grey to bring his estranged little sister, Emily, to visit him.  Willing to do anything to ease Thomas’ distress and speed his recovery, Grey heads off to retrieve Emily.

Grey and Emily have a bit of history, as they knew each other years ago, when she was known as “Brat,” and followed them around.  When she was sixteen, she convinced Grey to kiss her – they were caught, and that’s the last time they saw each other. Emily’s parents arranged a marriage for her, and now she’s a young widow.   Grey isn’t sure what kind of welcome he’ll receive, but he certainly never expected getting shot at as he approaches her home.  He finds Emily alone, except for her maid, as all the other servants have left.  Emily is determined to protect herself, as there have been several suspicious accidents.  She also wonders whether there was more to her own husband’s death.

Grey is determined that Emily return with him, though she had been planning to flee to Scotland and safety.  He finally convinces her, and promises to keep her safe.  During this trip, their warm attraction from years ago turns into a raging inferno.  They both have plans, and neither of them fits into the other’s future.  Grey has been promoted, and is about to accept a post in Spain, while Emily should marry someone powerful with a title.  When their affair starts to become more than just physical, all their plans are jeopardized.

There are depths to Grey and Emily that aren’t apparent at first.  Grey is not just a shallow rake, he has honor and dedication.  His lack of noble birth (and the mystery of it) has made Grey very class conscious and sensitive, causing him to avoid involvement, except of the most fleeting kind.  Every snub or dig, though, cuts him deeply.  As for Emily, she is hiding secrets and battling an unknown enemy, who may want to end her life.

The mystery was as large a part of this book as the romance.  There’s a lot we have to find out about both Emily and Grey.  Anna Harrington tells the story skillfully, weaving  passionate interludes, dangerous situations, and emotional encounters to keep you on the edge of your seat.  ALONG CAME A ROGUE is a well written, well paced, enjoyable read with wonderful protagonists.  I enjoyed the ride and am happy to highly recommend.single blue rose croppedsingle blue rose croppedsingle blue rose croppedsingle blue rose cropped


About DUKES ARE FOREVER (Book 1 in The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, out now!)

Harrington_Dukes are Forever_MMALL’S FAIR IN LOVE
Battlefields and barrooms hold much more interest for Edward Westover, Duke of Strathmore, than a little girl’s fondness for dolls and lace. When he takes possession of his enemy’s estate, everything that villain held dear-including his daughter-belongs to Edward. Hire a governess, arrange a dowry, give a few reassurances, and be off on his way-that’s Edward’s plan. But he’s in for the shock of his life. For his new ward is a beautiful, impetuous, and utterly irresistible woman . . .

. . . AND WAR
Kate Benton is stunned. Who is this arrogant, infuriating man who’s invited himself into her home and taken over her life? Her vow: to do everything in her power to convince him to leave her-and Brambly House-alone. Yet as chilly days melt into sultry nights, Kate sees glimpses of kindness underneath Edward’s cool façade . . . and a passionate nature that takes her breath away. There’s so much she doesn’t know about this man. But does she dare trust this devilish duke with her heart?

About Anna Harrington

Anna is an English professor in Chattanooga Tennessee and a lover of all things chocolate and coffee. She’s a member of RWA and when she’s not hard at work writing her next book or planning her next series, she’s watching BBC and piloting her own aircrafts.

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