Review – A Touch of Frost by Jo Goodman

USA Today bestselling author Jo Goodman presents a “sprawling, lusty recreation of life, love, and slowly uncovered secrets*” as a rancher rescues a mysterious young woman with trouble of her trail. 


After his train is robbed at gunpoint, Remington Frost awakens from a blow to find the bandits gone…along with the woman he was shadowing for protection. No stranger to risk, Remington will do what it takes to bring Phoebe Apple to safety and her kidnappers to justice. But ransoming Phoebe is just the start of trouble…

Phoebe is shocked to learn that her mysterious rescuer is none other than Remington Frost, the son of her sister’s new husband. Home at Twin Star Ranch, she falls happily into western life–and cautiously in love with Remington. But danger hides close to home, and their romance illuminates a web of secrets and betrayal that may put the rancher and his intended bride past the point of rescue.

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My Review:

I received a gift copy of this book.

At the invitation of her new brother-in-law, Phoebe Apple is travelling west to visit Thaddeus and her sister, Fiona, at their ranch.  What should have been a fairly simple train journey becomes a train robbery, kidnapping, and then rescue.  Remington Frost, the son of Thaddeus from his first marriage, found Phoebe basically unharmed, and brought her home to the ranch, though Thaddeus had already paid  the ransom that the kidnappers demanded.

Phoebe and her sister have a theatrical background and had lived in New York.  Both of them suffered many hard knocks, and they have a convoluted relationship.  Fiona is particularly complicated — she is quite a bit older, and seemed to find genuine love with Thaddeus, so Phoebe is puzzled to find her brittle and edgy, and wanting to return to New York.  There seem to be a lot of undercurrents at the ranch, as well as some puzzling relationships.  There are also many questions.  Whey doesn’t Thaddeus want the kidnappers pursued?  Why does Fiona want to leave?  Who instigated the kidnapping and why?

As Phoebe becomes fascinated with ranch life, she also becomes equally fascinated with Remington, who is more than willing to spend time with her.  I love their slowly developing romance.  They have a relationship that oozes  with chemistry, but is also very honest, direct, and quite amusing.  They enjoy getting the better of each other, and their conversations are a delight.  I adore the way that Remington bought her men’s clothing that would fit her, taught her to ride, listened to her, and respected her intelligence.

A TOUCH OF FROST is a very well written western romance with several mysteries, and a whole lot happening.  While reading, I became immersed in this world.  Author Jo Goodman’s descriptions of the wedding scene, in particular, made me feel as if I were there.  I could smell the food cooking, hear the musicians playing, and see the men anxiously waiting to tap into that first keg.  The wedding  ceremony was beautifully portrayed, and brought a tear to my eye.  The threads of the secondary relationships, the secrets, and the mysteries are all resolved satisfactorily, and the villains get their well deserved comeuppance.  Though western historicals are not my usual reading choice, I thoroughly enjoyed and heartily recommend A TOUCH OF FROST.

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