Review – An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing by Emily Windsor

A pursuit is underway…
From the hallowed halls of London’s Almack’s to the unkempt taverns of Drury Lane, from whispered words in glittering theatres to seductive kisses at Vauxhall Gardens – an earl must pursue his lady.

Propriety be damned. Anything is allowed. But for success, the Earl of Kelmarsh may have to enact the Rules of the Rogue…

A resolute lady.
Miss Sophie Beckford escaped to Ireland after her almost betrothed broke her heart. Now a year later, she’s back in London – stronger, better attired, armed with her cousin and determined not to fall for the blackguard’s wiles again.

A desperate gentleman.
What’s an earl to do when his almost betrothed refuses to speak to him, hear him out or even look at him after a misunderstanding of gargantuan proportions?

With dubious assistance from a roguish marquess, a strait-laced duke, and even the occasional poet and famous actor throwing in their sixpence, the earl will try any ruse, any rule in the book to recapture Sophie’s heart.

Failure is not an option.

A sensual Regency romance with warmth and wit.

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My Review:            

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Sophie Beckford has had six seasons to become totally disillusioned with society, and to just about give up hope of finding a match.  When she meets Abraham “Bram” Walcott, the Earl of Kenmarsh, she is thrilled to finally have found a man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. They have a whirlwind courtship, and tonight’s the night they’ll announce their engagement.  Sophie searches for Bram at the ball, and she finds him, alone in a room with another woman.  From the conversation, it’s clear that the woman and Bram have a past, and she wants to pick up where they left off.  When Sophie hears Bram state that he’s only marrying her to get an heir, she’s heard enough.  She leaves her engagement ring where Bram is sure to see it as he exits the room, leaves the ball, and refuses any contact with Bram.  Shortly thereafter, she and her family depart for an extended visit to relatives in Ireland.

Little does Sophie know, but Bram is an agent for the crown, and the woman he was meeting was another agent, one who wouldn’t hesitate to sink her claws into him while causing trouble for Sophie.  Bram’s disparaging remarks were solely meant to not let the agent know how much Sophie means to him.  In fact, Bram comes from a family who has long served as spies for the crown, though it’s not something he enjoys.  When he met and fell in love with Sophie, he began the process of untangling his life from the spy community.  However, he still has assignments to complete, and he does not have permission to tell Sophie the truth about himself.

Bram is a true romantic at heart, and I fell in love with the man who was forced into being something he’s not by his family.  All the dreams he shared with Sophie about their future life in the country were true.  He never gives up hope, sending her letters (which she doesn’t open) and gifts.  Finally, after ten months, Sophie and her family return, but she seems like a different woman.  She has poise, dresses differently, and seems to enjoy the society that made her feel so awkward before.  Still, Bram loves her, and will do whatever it takes to win her back.

I am always thrilled when a new (or new-to-me) author makes me sit up and take notice, and Emily Windsor did this, big time!  There is so much to love about AN EARL IN WOLF’S CLOTHING – aside from a wonderful romance with characters I loved, there is subtle humor, witty conversation, and a relationship between the three spies that is just brilliantly written.  There are moments that are poignant and sad, interspersed with fun and levity.  I am in totally in love with this book that held me captive from beginning to end, and had me sniffling, smiling, then sighing.

This review originally appear at The Romance Reviews:                            TRR review An Earl in Wolfs Clothing

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