Review – Let Sleeping Dukes Lie by Emily Windsor

About the Book:

“Strait-laced. Ruthless. Arrogant.”
Alexander Westhide, the Duke of Rakecombe has no quarrel with such faint praise as he has forever shunned marriage, women and anything remotely resembling love. Indeed, the damning words merely serve to enhance his haughty façade. But beneath the controlled demeanour lies a duke beset by tragedy, a man turbulent and restless.

“Forthright. Impudent… Capricious saucebox.”
Miss Aideen Quinlan can’t quite express why she feels the need to taunt, tease and generally annoy the Duke of Rakecombe. Maybe it was for the heart-racing spar of words that always ensued, or maybe it was to see the duke’s broad fist clench on his ebony cane, green eyes glittering.
Or maybe it was because she was unable to erase the memory of his vehement kiss…

An unlikely couple.
Torn between his world of espionage and this unquenchable passion, the duke still refuses to lower his fierce defences.
If Aideen is to capture her resistant duke’s troubled heart, it is she who must follow the Rules of the Rogue.
Resistance is futile…

A sensual Regency Romance with warmth and wit, this story also includes unpalatable chefs, a darling of the Season with a secondary love story, deadly walking canes and sheep…

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Let Sleeping Dukes Lie (Rules of the Rogue Book 2)

My Review:          

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Alexander Westhide, Duke of Rakecombe, was recruited by the government right out of school to serve his country as a spy.  Very early in his career of espionage, someone dear to him suffered tragic consequences indirectly due to his job.  From that day forward, Alex has adopted the persona of the arrogant, stuffy, toplofty duke, never letting anyone close, and certainly never courting love.  It’s so inconvenient that he is on fire for Aideen Quinlan, a woman he rescued almost a year ago, and can’t seem to get out of his mind.

Aideen is a hot tempered Irish woman, who has a tendency to spew insulting Irish curses on any given occasion.  She is not in awe of Alexander in the least, and is quick to stand up to him, which Alex secretly adores.  Though she shared a kiss with Alex when he rescued her, he quickly disappeared from sight.  When he returned, it was back to bickering and insults.  Until one night when they are caught in a compromising position, and agree to marry.

Aideen is aware that Alex is a spy, as her cousin is married to one of his associates.  She’s a strong and feisty lady who can take care of herself, in fact, she’s a better shot than Alex is.  Still, Alex is torn, feeling that he has now placed Aideen in danger.  The guilt he carries from that long ago incident still haunts him, causing him to run hot and cold in his new marriage.  Their passion burns hot, and then he totally ignores her.

Alex is a complicated character – his coldness is a result of his trying to protect anyone from being hurt again because of him.  Aideen is no shrinking violet, and won’t accept Alex’s inattention and rudeness.  She’s tasted the passion he feels for her, and is determined that they can build a strong future together.  That is, until Alex rejects her one time too many.  Now that Alex sees what he’s lost, he’s determined to win back the woman he realizes he loves – but is he too late?

LET SLEEPING DUKES LIE is fast paced, entertaining, romantic, sometimes amusing, and a great read all the way through.  Aideen has a soft side which she keeps hidden behind her bravado and litany of curses and insults, and I grew to like her very much.  I’m a fan of the strong, silent hero, and Alex filled the bill, though he did need to be taken down a peg or two, and Aideen is just the woman for the job.  Their passion was steamy, and I can imagine a lifetime of their happily bickering and loving in equal parts.  As in previous books in this series, the relationship between the spies is pure delight.  There is a secondary romance, which is especially sweet, and the cast of characters, including Alex’s mother are entertaining and smile inducing.  LET SLEEPING DUKES LIE is one fabulous read that I highly recommend.    ~Rose


    • Carol, I’ve read the two books and the novella in this series and all are great reads. I really like Emily Windsor’s writing. Her humor, especially, is smileworthy without being silly.

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