Review – Snowbound Surrender by Christine Merrill, Louise Allen, and Laura Martin

About the Book:

Stay snowed-in this Christmas…with these three Regency short stories!

After he broke her heart when he left for war, dare Lucy give Jack Gascoyne a second chance? Find out in Their Mistletoe Reunion by Christine Merrill.

In Louise Allen’s novella, exiled into the countryside following scandal, Julia Chancellor finds herself Snowed in with the Rake!

And in Christmas with the Major by Laura Martin, Lady Cecilia is hiding from her controlling guardian when she encounters Major Joseph Crawley…

Click on title below for direct Amazon buy link:                       Snowbound Surrender (Harlequin Historical)

My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

A collection of three well written and warm novellas, with three different romances, all with the theme of finding love while sheltering from blustery winter weather.

Their Mistletoe Reunion by Christine Merrill

Five years ago, Lucy Clifton and Jack Gascoyne were in love.  Jack asked Lucy’s brother, Fred, his friend, for permission to marry her.  Fred, believing his friend to be too wild and without prospects, refused the match.  Heartbroken, Jack wrote to Lucy, and immediately enlisted to become a soldier.  Unbeknownst to him, Fred never gave that letter to Lucy, and she believes that Jack simply left her without explanation.  Five years pass, and a battle weary Jack has come home a much different man.  He feels unworthy of Lucy now, and suffers from the effects of the battles he’s fought.  Even so, it appears Lucy is about to become engaged to another man.  Will the truth come out, and can a young love be rekindled?

Snowed in With the Rake by Louise Allen

Julia Chancellor’s season was not very successful to begin with, but when she became unknowingly involved in an elopement plot, the scandal ruined her.  Now living in exile, she answers a knock on her door during some horrible weather, only to find a gentleman there, showing off rather more of himself than a gentleman should.  Giles Darrowby, Viscount Missenden, was the lucky one chosen among his cronies to pull the prank of flashing himself.  Only, he found his way to the wrong house!  And flashed the wrong person!  As fate would have it, the carriage Giles was in has departed, and the weather is a disaster.  Julia has no choice but to offer the scantily clad man shelter.  What happens when it’s discovered that Giles was also the unintentional cause of Julia’s ruin?  Will their new found camaraderie survive their shaky beginning?

Christmas With the Major by Laura Martin

Cecilia is a wealthy heiress, who is unfortunately under the guardianship of an unscrupulous man who is determined to have her fortune for himself.  It doesn’t matter to him if she marries his son or himself, just so he doesn’t lose her wealth.  Cecilia is only days away from becoming of age to control her own fortune, and her guardian’s advances are becoming more pronounced.  Cecilia sneaks out, intending to seek refuge with her friend, who is having a house party.  The weather turns so bad, that Cecilia only makes it as far as a cottage on her friend’s family estate, where she’s forced to stop and seek shelter.    Cecilia didn’t realize that her friend’s brother, Joe, snuck out of the house, and sought to hide in the cottage to avoid the party.  Joe is a former major, with an injured leg, and an injured heart from the rejection of his former fiancée.  These two strangers find some common ground as they shelter from the weather, but is the attraction they feel just a fleeting thing, or the beginning of a forever love?    ~Rose


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