Review – Forbidden to the Highland Laird by Sarah Mallory

About the Book:

A Scottish beauty lures the Laird to sin!

Exchanging elegant society balls for clan wars, Logan Rathmore has returned to Scotland as the new Laird of Ardvarrick. Peace is within grasp when he meets musician Ailsa McInnis from a rival clan. Her stubborn pride and innocence fascinate him — but with her now under his protection, he must do nothing to abuse her trust. The fragile peace is dependent on his being able to resist the forbidden temptation she presents…

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Logan Rathmore is the new Laird Ardvarrick, and has returned to his Scottish home after ten years away living in England.  Logan attended school there, and grew quite comfortable with his English life, and actually feels a bit uneasy about resuming life in the land of his birth.  Many of his clan feel that he has become much too English, and he knows that he has his work cut out for him.  One of Logan’s first objectives is to make peace with a neighboring clan, one his clan has been at odds with for a long time.  He sets off to make his proposal to their leader, Fingal Contullach.  While Fingal doesn’t welcome him with open arms, he is willing to listen to Logan’s proposal.  Fingal’s heir and future son-in-law, Ewan, shows no such restraint, and is openly hostile and insulting to Logan.  There is also a lovely young harpist who catches Logan’s eye, as well as captivating him with her beautiful playing.

Ailsa McInnis is Fingal’s orphaned niece, and the clan’s harpist.  Their family lore states that unless she remains a maiden, she will completely lose her musical ability, which is substantial.  As Fingal is very fond of hearing Ailsa play, he is hoping to keep her from getting married.  Ailsa is content with her life with the exception of being harassed and badgered by Ewan, who is constantly trying to have his way with her, despite being betrothed to Fingal’s daughter.  She finds Logan attractive and charming, but expects that they will never become more than slightly acquainted.

Logan and Ailsa do have occasion to meet again, and when a villainous act requires Ailsa to be rescued, it’s Logan who comes to her aid.  Their heightened emotions lead them to share a night of passion, which leads to a hasty marriage with unresolved issues and conflicts. Ailsa frets over her believed inability to play the harp; Logan has received word that his first love back in England is now widowed; and Ewan is intent on having Alisa and destroying the tentative peace between the clans.

I enjoyed reading FORBIDDEN TO THE HIGHLAND LAIRD and really liked the lead characters. Logan is an honorable man who is determined to fulfill his position as laird to the best of his ability, though life in Scotland feels foreign to him upon his return.  He treats his new bride with affection, courtesy, and kindness.  Ailsa does show her youth by some of her behavior, but she’s quick to show her loyalty to her new husband.  Their evolving love is sweet, even as they battle a villain who is truly a despicable man, one I believe got off lightly for his transgressions.  FORBIDDEN TO THE HIGHLAND LAIRD is the first book in a new series, and it’s one which will appeal to fans of Scottish romance, or to those who enjoy a hasty marriage of necessity which becomes a happily ever after.    ~Rose

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