Review – The Last Warrior by Jennifer Ashley

About the Book:

Ben, the last of a warrior race destroyed by the Fae, has lived a thousand years in exile and now has found a place among the Shifters. He’s the caretaker of a sentient house outside New Orleans, and the Shifters turn to him when they’re in dire trouble. Even so, Ben is aware of his aloneness, his people gone forever.

Rianne, daughter of the powerful Lady Aisling, is in a jam. She’s pursued by an ambitious and ruthless Fae lord–marriage to her will help him become emperor. Rianne sees only one escape, to flee her home for the world of humans and Shifters.

But for that, she’ll need a guide and a protector.

Ben just happens to be handy, using his skills to help other enemies of the Fae. Lady Aisling asks him for the favor of his life—to take Rianne to a Shiftertown and look out for her, even if it means putting him in the most danger he’s faced since his final battle with the Fae.

Rianne is reluctant to trust her fate to the unknown Ben, but she soon finds the human world, the Shifters, and most of all Ben, have captured her fascination, and possibly her heart.


My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

In Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound Series, we meet many magical creatures, not all of them simply animal shifters.  Ben is one of those creatures, calling himself a goblin for lack of a better term.  Ben’s entire race was wiped out a thousand years ago, and he was exiled from his homeland to the human world.  Ben has covered his internal heartache and loneliness by projecting a charming and fun loving persona.  He has come to befriend many of the shifters, often troubleshooting when he’s not being the caretaker for a haunted house in New Orleans.  When Ben receives a summons from Lady Aisling, a powerful creature from the Fae world, he knows he must do her bidding.

Lady Aisling’s wicked husband, Ivor, has threatened their daughter, Rhianne.  He has had her kidnapped and imprisoned until she agrees to marry one of Ivor’s cronies.  Ivor’s power rivals Aisling’s, and she knows that Rhianne needs to be moved from Fae in order to be kept safe, and Ben is just the one for the job.  In his goblin form, Ben rescues Rhianne from captivity, and whisks her off to the human world, to keep her safe with him.  They discover that they have a little time to enjoy themselves before Ivor comes hunting, so Ben introduces Rhianne to the joys of human food, music, clothes, and dancing.  She also gets to meet many of his shifter friends, as well as getting to stay at the haunted house.

Ben and Rhianne quickly develop a friendship as well as a sizzling chemistry.  Though they are worlds apart (literally) they still indulge their passion for each other while they have the chance.  Ben is such a sympathetic and heroic character, one who hides all his sadness of being the last of his kind.  Rhianne has led a somewhat sheltered life, and she’s now enjoying the things she never experienced before.  THE LAST WARRIOR is full of action, as Ivor comes hunting for his daughter, willing to destroy anyone who stands in his way.  Both Ben and Rhianne will find that they have hidden strengths and powers they were unaware of, as well as discovering that there is a whole ‘nother side of Rhianne which will come to light.  THE LAST WARRIOR is an exciting read, which balances perfectly with the tender romance developing between Ben and Rhianne.  Many old friends from previous books come to help fight Ivor, and it’s delightful to visit with them again.  As always, the house in New Orleans plays a part in the story, and has a personality of its own.  I love the level of passion and commitment between the matched couples from this series, and how their bonds only strengthen with time.    ~Rose

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