Review – Iron Master by Jennifer Ashley

About the Book:

Stuart Reid is an Iron Master—a Dark Fae with a rare ability to make iron do his bidding. Exiled by the High Fae who fear him, he now lives in a simple house in Shiftertown outside Las Vegas, watching over Peigi, a bear Shifter woman, and the cubs she cares for.

Peigi, rescued from an evil Shifter and welcomed into the Vegas Shiftertown, knows Reid and the cubs have helped her survive and heal.

She also knows Reid is alone and lonely, a strong man coping with his exile. The bond she feels pulling her to him scares the crud out of her—she’s been down this road before.

When Reid’s people send him a desperate call for help, Peigi senses danger to him—too much of it. She finds she’ll do anything, even sacrifice herself and her happiness, to keep him safe.

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My Review:

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series has a variety of supernatural beings – shifters, fae, goblins, goddesses, and more.  Some of these groups are in conflict, some in active war, and some just don’t like the others.  The shifters have their own clans, hierarchy, and rules.  Humans, for the most part, treat shifters abominably, forcing them to wear collars, and live in designated shifter towns without many of the modern conveniences taken for granted.  Though this world and its characters have developed over many books, each can stand alone, as details are given which explain what’s happening without retelling any previous stories.

Peigi is a bear shifter who has been rescued from years of living under the domination of another bear shifter, Miguel.  Now welcomed as part of the Las Vegas Shiftertown, Peigi has started to come into her own.  She spends her time caring for six orphaned cubs, who look at her as a loving mother figure.  The man who played a big part in her rescue, Stuart Reid, now lives in Peigi’s house, helping with the cubs, working a security job, and helping the shifter leaders as needed.  Stuart is not a shifter, he is Fae, but was exiled from his own world, and now is forced to live in the human realm.  For a long time, Peigi and Stuart have been yearning for each other, but it seems that every time one of them makes a move toward a relationship, some obstacle comes into their path.

Stuart, though still outcast from his homeland of Faerie, receives an urgent message requesting him to help his people.  While in Faerie, Stuart was an Iron Master, one who could make any iron object do his will.  His branch of fae had an iron talisman, one which provided a large measure of protection from their enemies, and it’s now been stolen.  Stuart finds that he’s unable to turn his back on his own people, and decides that he will help them.  Peigi is determined to accompany him, and Stuart welcomes her help and her company.

IRON MASTER is a page turning combination of romance, fantasy, and action.  A combination of supernatural beings do battle, while Stuart and Peigi finally give in to their passion and love.  Stuart has hidden his great strength while living in Shiftertown, but in Faerie, he lets loose, becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Peigi, too, has grown so much from the abused creature she used to be.  When she finally faces her former captor, Miguel, it’s amazing to watch her turn the tables and dominate him both physically and mentally.  Stuart glories in her strength, and is the type of man who would never want to stifle her abilities.  I admit to being a little skeptical at first about a female bear shifter being sexy and feminine, but in her human form, she’s beautiful and perfect for Stuart.  There is never a dull moment in IRON MASTER, yet the tender romance and passion is never overshadowed.  The love and care the shifters have for each other oftentimes puts humanity to shame.  I love this book, and recommend it, as well as the whole series, for readers who enjoy adventure and fantasy along with a great romance.    ~Rose


  1. Thanks for the review, Rose. I love Jennifer’s Mackenzies series (not all caught up on those yet, though) and her mysteries writing as Ashley Jennifer. On first glance this book of shape shifters and fantasy in general is really not on my list of genres I read. But your review made it interesting enough that I know I’ll have to try it, yes your review and of course her great writing.

    Thanks again for your ‘just right’ reviews, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’m usually not a reader of fantasy either, but this series has those great romances that Jennifer Ashley writes so well. (Mackenzies are my favorite, especially Ian!) Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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